'Minions' Is The Second-Biggest Animated Movie Ever, So Let's Celebrate The Little Yellow Guys Who Could

Take that, haters: Minions is officially a bigger deal than ever before. Just how could the little yellow dudes get any bigger after dominating the box office amassing legions of fans and non-fans this summer, you ask? Well, Minions became the second-biggest animated movie ever and the 15th-highest-grossing film in history. The Despicable Me spinoff movie grossed $20.1 during its opening weekend in China, and that's important for so many reasons: 1) That's the biggest opening day for an animated movie in the country since Kung Fu Panda 2 in 2011; 2) those dollars give the movie a total of $1.08 billion in earnings worldwide; and 3) that new total makes Minions one of the highest-grossing movies ever. That money can buy some serious bananas for the little guys.

Previously, the beloved Pixar movie Toy Story 3 held the spot as No. 2 on the biggest animated movies list. Now the question is whether or not Minions can top the current biggest animated film of all time: Disney's Frozen, which has amassed $1.27 billion worldwide, and spawned the song "Let It Go," which will be sung by kids over and over for generations to come. Can Universal's little yellow dudes possibly surpass Elsa and Anna? We shall see.

But in the meantime, let's celebrate this Minions victory in a way I feel like they'll appreciate: With GIFs! And a banana, too, but you're on your own for that one.

Get Your Groove On

It's party time!



Jump On The Bed

You know you want to.

Disco Dance


Dance It Out With A Fruit Hat

As you do.

Shout It Out To Your Followers


Form A Conga Line

It's so cute!

Mic Drop For All The Haters


Shine Bright

So shiny!

And Eat A Banana, Of Course


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