Where To Shop Vintage Levi's

We're all on the search for that perfect pair of denim — you know, the ones that hug your butt perfectly and basically fit you like a glove. Unfortunately, they're harder to find than that lost sock in the laundry, but fear not: we've got the guide for where to buy vintage Levi's so you can look and feel like a fashion blogger every damn day.

For a shorty like me (and I'm talking under 5 feet short) it ain't easy to find clothes. Sure, there are petite sections, and alterations can be made, but with a vintage pair of Levi's, it's not that easy. Too long, too narrow, too wide, I feel like I'm the freaking Goldilocks of Levi's 501s. And even if they do end up fitting (one in a million chance) they're not quite the right wash, or they're too stiff, or just too something that I can't even identify. And then, of course, there's the millions of ways to style them.

So, through countless Googling sessions, running around New York City thrift shops, and just by word of mouth, the search for the perfect pair of vintage Levi's has brought me to a few places: all online, so those far and wide can get their hands on a sweet pair, too. Check out these retailers below, and you're basically a hop, skip, and a jump away to your favorite pair of denim.

1. Re/Done

This has got to be my favorite retailer for vintage Levi's. Founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, this e-commerce site sell pre-worn jeans that just have the perfect rips, fraying, color splotches, and of course, fit. With modern silhouettes and a borrowed-from-the-boys look, their denim is absolutely perfect. While they do run on the more expensive side, around $200-300, they're worth it, if you're going to wear the sh*t out of them. I know I will.

2. Etsy

We all know and love Etsy as our favorite marketplace for handmade items. But that's exactly what makes this shop perfect for finding vintage Levi's. Sellers have an extremely personal shopping experience with their customers, and are able to take measurements and requests and add them on to each item specifically. The particular shop I bought my cutoffs from is called Deadenim, and sending my particular measurements, they were able to recreate a custom pair just for me. Shout out to Costume204 as well, they've got a killer collection.

3. Denim Refinery

Whether you're looking for cutoffs, regular jeans, or a denim skirt, this shop has everything. Including other vintage items, like dresses, t-shirts, and jackets. There is an endless selection of vintage Levi's in this shop, ranging from straight fits to even some flared ones, and of course, some with a raw hem, which we're totally loving right now. You can even filter by "softened," "distressed," "acid," and more.

4. ASOS Marketplace

Did you know that your favorite online retailer actually has a Levi's marketplace? Yup, ASOS seems to have it all, including white '90s mom jeans. Yep, let all your grunge dreams come true in this shop. Of course, denim jackets are also available, including one with a pretty sweet tiger illustration on the back. If you're lucky and act quickly, you can probably score one of their vintage pairs of overalls.

Of course, check out your local thrift store, too! That's where I found my very first pair four years ago that I still wear to this day, minus a few crotch holes and add some patches. Retailers like Free People and Urban Outfitters will occasionally sell a select few vintage items in their stores too, so scour those shops as well. Happy shopping, and good luck finding the perfect pair of coveted denim.

Images: Redone, Deadenim/Etsy, Denim Refinery, ASOS Marketplace,