This Miss America Gown Looks Like Hanna's In 'PLL'

Miss America may be all about classic dresses for its evening gown portion, but we haven't seen one quite like this before. At Miss America 2016, Miss Mississippi Hannah Roberts wore a gown that looked surprisingly similar to Hanna Marin's prom dress in Pretty Little Liars .

If you know anything about Pretty Little Liars, it's probably that these girls aren't afraid to take some risks with their outfits, especially Hanna and Aria (well, that and the fact that it's taken about 6.7 lightyears to find out who A really is). It should come as no surprise, then, that when prom arrived, Hanna wore a pretty memorable gown that was almost ice skater-esque.

The multi-layered tulle dress was belted at the waist, long sleeved, and covered with beads. In true Hanna form, she paired the dress with lace up, knee high boots with a peekaboo toe. It was a little '80s throwback that was definitely a sight to see.

Miss Mississippi's version, also white, had a belted bodice that was beaded as well. Her dress, however, lacked the volume of Hanna's gown, and was a more classic, pageant-appropriate version. The gorgeous bejeweled top had a deep V neckline that was totally elegant. Paired with chandelier earrings and a soft blowout, it was a classic style that looked amazing on stage.

Roberts, along with all of the other contestants, wore a dress by Sherri Hill. This particular gown was one of my favorites: It's so elegant yet simple, and perfect for any evening occasion. I'd say she wins best dressed of the night for evening wear! And not just because I'm partial to Pretty Little Liars, guys.

Images: ABC Family, ABC