Madison & Liza Make A Pact On 'Fear The Walking Dead' Proving That These Ladies Could Be The Strongest Team

There are a lot of kids on the Walking Dead spinoff, but I'm finding that the parents have much more interesting dynamics. Specifically, I'm talking about Travis and his "two wives" on Fear The Walking Dead. Madison, Travis' coworker and current serious girlfriend, has no reason to like or get along with Liza, his ex-wife, and vice versa. The apocalypse can do amazing things when it comes to interpersonal relationships, can't it? I don't necessarily think that this is going to become an epic love triangle, though it certainly could, but I'm fascinated by how their dynamic will mold in these extreme circumstances.

In fact, forget Travis altogether for a minute. This could be the start of a fascinating female friendship. Towards the end of the episode, Madison and Liza make a (albeit one-sided) pact. Madison asks Liza to promise that if she ends up becoming a walker, that she'll kill her herself rather than make Travis do it. While I doubt it's going to come to that so soon, that was a powerful moment. Not many of these characters are ready to deal with the horrors that, in a few months, everyone in Atlanta on The Walking Dead is used to dealing with on a regular basis. However, both of these ladies are strong and could become leaders of the new group. Both of them are quicker than most to catch onto the reality of the situation. People are dying. They come back. It's not just a disease.

At this point in the series, Travis is a pacifist and the only character actively avoiding violence. He doesn't like guns. He's confident that the National Guard is going to take care of it. Meanwhile, Daniel Salazar is preoccupied with not being indebted to anyone during this crisis. He's always trying to weigh the score. Madison is the clear protagonist now, and I can easily see Liza becoming her second. Two wives are better than none!

Image: AMC (screengrab)