Where Do Cassandra & Jonathan Live? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple Is Close Enough To Last Forever

I think I can say it took everyone by surprise when Chris Harrison revealed on After Paradise that Bachelor in Paradise stars Cassandra and Jonathan are dating. In a weird series of events, the pair came together on a photoshoot and have been seeing each other for about a month and a half. Anyone with an Instagram probably already saw it coming since they’ve posted a ton of pictures together, but the official announcement came during the final After Paradise episode. The couple both live and work in Detroit, Michigan and only live about 30 minutes away from each other (which bodes well for the future of the relationship, I must say.)

The couple tried to play coy before the announcement by hash tagging photos “#justfriends,” but as we all know most of the time that is not the case. However it happened, it’s kind of perfect that they came together, because they make an adorable couple. I’ve decided to list all the reasons that I think they have serious, long-lasting potential, not only because I’m totally 'shipping them, but it kind of proves a point that location is absolutely important within the Bachelor world. Seriously, I have been saying this forever, and why do you think Chris Soules is still single?

1. They Live In The Same Place

Location is a major issue when it comes to Bachelor relationships. Tenley ended her relationship with Joshua, not because she wanted to but the big picture was simple: She’s a city girl and he loves his one-stoplight town. It just wouldn't work long distance. The fact that Jonathan and Cassandra live in the same place makes it easy to fit into each other’s daily lives.

2. They Both Have Kids

They are both raising sons who are around the same age. Being single parents and having children growing up at the same time makes for a couple who have a lot in common. In fact, it makes them pretty much perfect together.

3. They Are Apart Of The Bachelor Family

It’s also pretty nice to have someone else who has been through similar life experiences. Being apart of the Bachelor family means that they share common friendships and experiences. They can relate to each other on a different level than most.

4. They’re Equally Attractive

Not only is Cassandra Ferguson stunning, but Jonathan Holloway’s smile is pretty much perfect. Together they make one of the most attractive Bachelor couples in history.

5. They Both Like Long Walks On The Beach

According to this Instagram, they both enjoy long walks on the beach. I mean, I would question anyone who hates walking on the beach, but, again, common interests are important in this relationship.

6. They Are On The Same Page

Here’s something that Bach couples rarely do: Take things slow. “We’re taking it slow. We’re not rushing things … we both have kids, so we want to make sure everything meshes well,” Jonathan said on After Paradise, which shows that they are both making sure they want this and being mature about things before they jump into a marriage — which probably means they'll be a long-lasting pair.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell