Cassandra & Jonathan Could Move In Together Soon

Cutest new couple alert — Jonathan Holloway and Cassandra Ferguson confirmed their relationship to Chris Harrison and Jenny Mollen on After Paradise, and we all rejoiced. After Cassandra got back from Bachelor in Paradise, Cassandra and Jonathan met on a commercial shoot. They soon realized that they lived about a half an hour from each other and had sons that were about the same age, and then they started hanging out. The rest, it seems, was history. These two are going strong — and slow — and it seems to be working out for them. But when will Cassandra and Jonathan move in together?

Well, I don’t think it’s going to be that soon for these two lovebirds to start shacking up. On After Paradise, Jonathan admitted that they were taking their relationship one day at a time, given that they have two little boys and have to put their needs first. What a refreshing thing to hear, right? That a couple is going to climb slow and steady to their apex? I think it’s nice. That being said, it’s totally going to be easy if and when they decided to move in together. Jonathan and Cassandra both live in the Detroit area, so they won’t have to go through any crazy-big life changes in order to take the next step in their relationship.

The biggest challenge, I assume, will be blending their families. Jonathan and Cassandra said something on After Paradise about their sons being “polar opposites," but what probably soon-to-be siblings don’t fight a little bit? These four will make an adorable family unit whenever they decide to make it official (or at least live underneath the same roof).

Image: Cassandra Ferguson/Instagram