Ryan Murphy's BFF Julia Roberts Might Guest Star On 'Glee' in the best news of the day

Remember that guy that asked about our dreams at the end of Pretty Woman? Well, it looks like they're about to come true and we didn't even have to go to L.A.! Award-winning actress and America's Sweetheart Julia Roberts might be headed to Glee next season and we've never wished harder for anything (except maybe a Friday Night Lights movie). Seriously, everyone, this is even more amazing than news of Skylar Astin announcing his stint on the show last week. E! News spoke to Roberts about the possibility of her joining the FOX show at the premiere of her new film August: Osage County and the actress basically said that she'd absolutely be up for it.

So can we agree that this amazing news? It'd be the best thing to happen to Glee and it'd help send the show off on one of the highest notes imaginable (pun intended). Roberts and show creator Ryan Murphy are close friends and have history as colleagues — he directed her in Eat, Pray, Love and the upcoming HBO film The Normal Heart — so it'd only be fair to all of us if he poached her for a guest-spot on Glee's final season.

Murphy hasn't kept any secrets from fans in regards to the fact that he's been working on restructuring the series and that next season will be its last. We're hoping that his restructuring means "writing a part for my good friend Julia". When E! approached Julia and questioned her about whether or not she'd want to appear on the show she responded light-heartedly with, "Only if [Ryan] wants to take the empire down." She followed up the joke with, "If he came up with a some funny soap opera back from the dead moment for the last vestiges of the entire series, wouldn't that be fun!" See, she thinks it'd be fun which means we should totally start a petition now because Glee cares about what its fans want.

Roberts would be the best thing to happen to Glee — and not just because she's a critically acclaimed, award-winning actress — but because just about everyone loves her or has loved her and she'd make them all excited about Glee. Think about those possibilities, Murphy! Since the series premiered in 2009 it's seen its fair share of impressive A-list guest stars with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, John Stamos, Neil Patrick Harris, Idina Menzel and Sarah Jessica Parker. And those injections of new blood and new characters into the show's plots, not to mention the talent and star power that came with them, only did great things for Glee and its fans. Julia Roberts fits right into that list of A-listers and she could absolutely handle the scope of the show's comedy and drama.

I'd also be willing to bet that she'd be a great guest-performer — remember that impressive cover of Prince's "Kiss"? There's definitely some range there to work with. Perhaps a Prince-themed episode? Glee's never gone that route before, so what better time than during its last hurrah? All I know is, if they announced that Julia Roberts would be coming on for even one episode I'd be running around and jumping for joy. Murphy could just recreate that bathtub "Kiss" scene and we'd be ecstatic. The biggest thing about Julia Roberts is that she's got a knack for making us love and want to hang out with just about every character she plays no matter how crazy they are — and most guest stars on Glee have some level of crazy — it's like she mesmerizes us with those impossibly perfect teeth. We just love her so give us what we love, Ryan Murphy.