Mom Wakes Up From Coma After She Hears Baby's Cry

If you were looking for your Monday tearjerker, look no further than this mom who woke up from a coma when her baby cried in front of her for the first time. You're already in tears just reading that sentence, aren't you? The mother in question is Shelly Ann Cawley, who went into labor a year ago and had to have an emergency C-section performed when complications arose. Her baby girl, Rylan, made it out happy and healthy, but Shelly Ann fell into a coma. The North Carolina family was briefly thrown into turmoil, as doctors feared they might lose Shelly Ann.

Nurse Ashley Manus believed that, medicine aside, Shelly Ann might benefit from skin-to-skin contact with her baby daughter. Manus, along with Shelly Ann's husband, Jeremy Cawley, put Rylan on Shelly Ann's chest, and then proceeded to let the baby cry. Which I think is the one instance when it's OK to let a baby cry. It was Shelly Ann's first meeting with her newborn baby girl, and as Rylan began to cry, Shelly Ann responded to the sound immediately, her vital signs perking back up as her maternal instinct kicked into overdrive.

Watch the whole, heartbreaking video below:

It's the one-year anniversary of that event (and Rylan's first birthday!), and on her Facebook page, Shelly Ann wrote:

"As the night comes to a close, I reflect on my day and how different it was than at the same time a year ago. What a difference a year makes! Last year I was fighting for my life, and this year I have a 1 year old who is thriving, and I am back in nursing school doing what I love. Satan tried to take me down, but thanks to our mighty God and all of you amazing prayer warriors, what could have been an end to my life has just been a bump in the road on my journey! Can't wait to discover what God has planned for my life, and to just enjoy the ride on the way there!"

To celebrate Shelly Ann's health and Rylan's first birthday, here are some adorable pictures of the lucky pair:

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Images: Pixabay; YouTube