Who Is Samantha Thomas? Ellen Page's Girlfriend Is A Super Cool Artist — PHOTOS

In 2014, at a pro-LGBT conference in Las Vegas, actress Ellen Page made headlines when she proudly came out as a gay woman. Although it is unfortunate that coming out still has to be such a big deal, it was a beautiful step to see one more person be comfortable with who they were, wholly. More recently, Page has been doing the promo rounds for her newest film with Julianne Moore, Freeheld, and while walking the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival, Ellen Page was joined by her girlfriend, Samantha Thomas. So, who exactly is Samantha Thomas?

Taking their relationship public at a red carpet event for Freeheld makes a lot of sense, considering the film is about a lesbian couple who fight for their legal rights after one of them is diagnosed with cancer. Since coming out publicly, Page has been vocal in her support of LGBT rights and it sure seems like she is ready to scream her true feelings for her girlfriend out to the world, loud and proud. She told E! News that she is "in love" and that "walking down the carpet holding [my] girlfriend's hand is pretty special... It's pretty awesome."

So now that Page is happily in love with Thomas, let's get to know the lady who stole her heart.

She's An Artist

Thomas graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and has had solo exhibitions across NYC and Los Angeles. Thomas is becoming known for her inventive work with paint, enamel, sandpaper, and thread to create unique textures. She's been featured in some pretty sweet art magazines, so people are taking notice.

She's An Avid Surfer

Her style and various surfing photos on Instagram confirm the fact that Thomas surfs a lot, and it seems to be a very important part of her life in California.

She Has Some Hollywood Friends

Chilling with Ruby Rose is a good way to start shmoozing with the right people.

She Travels... A Lot

Because of her love of surfing, Thomas posts many photos of her travels. She's been all over the world, from Ibiza to Hawaii, and lives a really dreamy life.

Ellen Is Very Proud of Her

Page is not shy in sharing photos of the new lady in her life, and it must be a beautiful feeling to finally be free.

Looks like these two are right on the right track and wish them nothing but love!