How Many Episodes Is ‘The Mindy Project’ Season 4? Get Ready For Even More Hilarity Than Before

It feels like just yesterday The Mindy Project was canceled. Those were some dark times in our lives, but thankfully, Hulu swooped in to save the day and we'll never need to know a world without Mindy Lahiri. Staring Tuesday, The Mindy Project is back, and so far, it looks better than ever. While the episodes won't all actually drop at once — for some sort of epic Mindy binge — they will instead roll out one a week over the next few months. So in the end, how many episodes will there be for Season 4 of Mindy Project?

Thankfully, there is no such thing as "too much Mindy." So, for Season 4, we're not getting the standard 22-episodes-for-a-sitcom season. Nope. We're getting more than that, so this is a huge reason to celebrate. For Season 4, Hulu granted Mindy a whopping 26 episodes. Know how many episodes Season 3 of Mindy had? 21. When Hulu picked up the show, they not only became our heroes forever, but then then gifted Mindy an extra handful of episodes. We knew there was a reason we liked you, Hulu.

“I’m so grateful to Hulu for giving us this opportunity," the real Mindy, Mindy Kaling, told the crowd at the annual Television Critics Association press tour this past summer, "I just want to make the show better than it’s ever been ... It went from being, ‘oh, we’re never going to do the show again’ to ‘we’re going to have more work than we’ve ever had.'”

Obviously this is pretty amazing news for a a variety of reasons, but bottom line is that it gives the show so much more time to do what it does best: Make us laugh. So what can Mindy and the rest of the gang do with an extra five episodes this season?

1. So Many Guest Stars

Mindy Project, by far, has the best line up of guest stars. Season 4 is already shaping up to be top notch in that department, especially since Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set to kick off the season playing — just go with this — Mindy's husband. The only place to go from there is up.

2. Bring Back Peter Prentice

I will forever be on a Peter Prentice kick, due to my undying love for Adam Pally. Yes, it was most certainly sad when Peter/Pally decided to leave the show and move away to Texas with his new lady love, but the door is open for him to return. Pally is the best guest star to have on deck forever.

3. Everything About Morgan

There's something about Morgan. No, I don't know what it is, but I love it. Whatever he does, and whatever he says is always the best. I still find myself giggling over his "no more stealing cars" tattoo, which has been a running joke for three seasons now. We've already met one Tookers cousin, is it time to meet the rest of the family, too?

4. Play Time With Baby C

Baby Castellano is coming. Are you ready? Better yet, are Mindy and Danny ready for this? The baby will be born sometime in Season 4, and I am SO EXCITED to see baby play-time with Mindy. And, I guess Danny, too. But really I want to see Baby C hang out with Morgan.

5. Even More Rom-Com Metaphors

Kaling loves rom-coms. She has made Mindy into a sort of rom-com sitcom. We've seen Danny race through New York to profess his love to her already, and Season 4 is going to open with a sort of While You Were Sleeping story (the premiere is even called, "While I Was Sleeping"). And, Kaling's favorite rom-com is You've Got Mail , so it's time for her and Danny to visit The Shop Around the Corner.

Fortunately, with 26 episodes there's plenty of time to include all this and more. Can't wait!

Images: Screengrab/Fox; John P. Fleenor/Hulu; Giphy (5)