'The Mindy Project' Season 3 Full Recap Will Remind You How Unreal Season 4 Is Going To Be

After a rocky road, we made it. Season 4 of The Mindy Project returns, with the new home of Hulu, and it couldn't be a more exciting time. Last season was bananas, Gwen Stefani-style, and there was too much that happened to casually explain to someone at the work water cooler. There were break-ups, babies, cross-country moves, drug dealers... It was not for the faint of heart. After an emotional cancelation and an even more emotional pick-up, you might find yourself lost in MindyLand seriously needing a The Mindy Project Season 3 recap. (Although, if you're anything like me, you've been marathoning the show every single day since it premiered.)

Season 3 was a dream come true for Mindy Project fans for one reason: Mindy and Danny became an official couple. It was a long time coming — I have seriously been waiting for that moment since the first episode — but we finally got what we deserved, and then some. As for the future of Danny and Mindy's relationship, that's still up in the air... but let's stay hopeful and pray to the Beyonce Pad Thai Gods that everything will work out for them.

Here is your official The Mindy Project cheat sheet for all the things that happened in Season 3.

Mindy & Danny Became An Offish Couple

It's been a long road, but Season 3 was the season of Dandy. Unlike Season 2, Danny and Mindy got together and stayed together throughout the season, although it was rocky. The two had a lot of back-and-forth issues (to name a few: Mindy's tardiness, Danny "slipping", and Annette Castellano) but all-in-all, Dandy was the OTP couple we've been waiting for.

Danny's Mom Is Introduced

We've heard all about her, but we finally got to meet her: Danny's mom. Annette Castellano is just as amazing as you would predict, even though her and Mindy didn't exactly see eye to eye. Throughout the season, Annette wasn't exactly warm to Mindy, that is until Mindy's big pregnancy news came out.

Mindy Is Pregnant!

Yep, it happened. Baby Castellano is en route to Schulman & Associates and everyone is excited about a Dandy baby.

Mindy Moves To California

In a badass career move, Mindy moved to Stanford for a fellowship. Even though it didn't last, it was important because it led her to making a huge career move when she returned back to New York.

Danny Didn't Propose

In the most frustrating plot line of the season, Danny never proposed to Mindy. While marriage isn't everything, he knew that Mindy wanted to get married to him and he still didn't do anything about it. During the finale episode at Mindy's baby shower, Danny admitted he wasn't even sure if he wanted to get married, simultaneously breaking Mindy's heart (and all of our hearts). Their relationship status remained up in the air, but what we do know is that Danny is going to India to meet with her parents.

We Lost Peter

Sadly, Peter is out of the picture. After deciding he wanted to settle down and find the one, he followed — no, he literally followed — Lauren to Texas with her baby and they ended Season 3 with a wedding.

Mindy Starts Her Own Fertility Clinic

Because Mindy does not quit, she returned from Stanford to start her own fertility clinic. Mindy's fertility clinic opened towards the end of the season, so expect to see more of it in Season 4. It's so weird being your own role model, but Mindy's doing a pretty good job.

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