New 'Truth' Clip Is The Calm Before The Storm For Robert Redford & Cate Blanchett — VIDEO

When I heard that they were making a film version of Truth and Duty, the book about the CBS news scandal that almost brought down the entire news department, I wondered who they would get to play the news anchors that we all know and love so well. And, when I heard that Robert Redford was set to play Dan Rather, I was a little stunned. Robert “Dreamboat” Redford playing the news anchor that most of our parents grew up watching? But play him he does, and with great panache.

Because in the latest clip of TRUTH (see below), Robert Redford plays a serious and sincere Rather, being escorted from his evening social event to a remote hotel to interview an esteemed general. And, even though Redford is not quite as gray as Rather is in real life, the portrayal is spot on and super impressive.

The film, which is scheduled to be released on October 16th, tells the story of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes — a CBS news journalist who was famous for breaking the story about the Abu-Ghraib atrocities and for being Dan Rather’s long-time producer. When they discover that a sitting US President may have been AWOL during the Vietnam War, the story that they think is going to be huge turns out to be the thing that destroys their careers. The political thriller chronicles how the story blew up in their faces, sullying Rather’s reputation and nearly ending the CBS news team in the process.

In this exclusive clip, you see the moment the story is first taking shape, as Dan Rather is escorted to a nearby hotel with questions ready. It’s a tough scene to watch, especially when you know that this interview is going to be the end of so many of their careers. But if you liked All the President’s Men or The Insider then you’ll love this film. Or, even if you didn’t, and you’d rather just look at Robert Redford’s strawberry blonde locks for two hours — hey, not judging! — then this is definitely the film for you.

And, in case you need even more reason to see it, there are some other seriously beautiful faces to gawk at: The film stars Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes, in addition to Topher Grace, Elisabeth Moss, and Dennis Quaid. Check out the clip below.

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