Watch This Sassy Little Girl Explain That She Is Not A Princess, Dad, OK? — VIDEO

As the benevolent ruler of the cheese aisle at Whole Foods, I can attest to the frustration one feels when a peasant addresses you by the wrong title. So when this sassy little girl tells her dad she's not a princess even though he wants to call her one, I relate to her struggle hardcore. Young JoJo's rationale for telling her dad over and over that she's not a princess is that, unlike a princess, she does not have "sparkly bwacelets," a "dress up dress," or a "princess headband" (ouch, dad), so she is a regular girl. But I propose you this alternate theory, JoJo: You aren't a princess because you are a QUEEN.

She certainly has the kind of sass that would make even Queen Elsa shiver in her boots. With the confidence of the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, she reminds her dad that he is not allowed to talk, only ask her questions, and not allowed to photograph her, although video is permitted. She also emphasizes more than once that princesses do not have to shower, because they don't get dirty. You heard it right here, folks: the ultimate Life Hack to making sure you never have to bathe again is slapping on a tiara and owning your royal self.

Of course, her dad just keeps on insisting she's a princess anyway, because dads just DON'T GET IT (cut to Ariel singing the "bet they don't reprimaaaand their daughters" line in "Part Of Your World"). But by far the best part of this video is JoJo's pronunciation of "pwan-cess," which is hereby how I will address all princesses from now on, using her very sassy handwork to boot.

For those of you who where sitting on the edge of your seat during this video, fear not: JoJo is the proud owner of a glittery bracelet, dress up dress, and tiara, thanks to the dad who knew she was a princess even after three minutes of her adorably informing him otherwise:

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And JoJo, just so you don't feel restricted in your new royal position, just know that you totally CAN be a princess and get dirty:

But I'll let you work out the terms of your reign with your dad.

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