Netflix Trying to Make 'Mitt' Romney Happen Again... This Time at Sundance

Netflix is trying to make the almost-was President of the United States of America (I know, really), Mitt Romney, happen. Again. Though not in politics this time — but rather at the Sundance Film Festival. Netflix recently announced that its original documentary, MITT , will screen at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Oh, Mittens!

It seems there's nary a political bias to be found in the film, which feels disheartening to be both shocking and refreshing in our modern times, thanks to the documentarian at the heart of it — director Greg Whiteley. Whiteley had six years of unprecedented access to the would-be prez and his very large, Mormon family. Six years! That is a very long time to hang around anyone, let alone a large, nationally focused political machine.

Because only a machine could be so shortsighted as to not consider the alternative timeline that is losing a national election. Oh, wait, sorry: that's an insult to machines. Machines are engineered to consider every single option ever, so of course a machine would've considered the alternative and prepared accordingly. So then I guess he isn't the Mormon Cyborg Machine of Flip-Floppery. Maybe he's just a human. A human with an ego the size of Texas. Because that's the only other explanation for not considering that you might need the number of the President of the United States to concede, should you, y'know, lose the race and all that. Or to have not considered writing a concession speech in the first place. Or being genuinely in sad agreement when his son says, "I can't believe you're gonna lose." Ego is a hell of a drug, my friends.

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But that's my own narrative! That's what having a media bias fueled by aggressive candidate-researching and hours and hours of unending, ugh-inducing news coverage. And it's the sort of narrative that Whiteley (and probably the Romney clan) are trying to fight. Truly, it's all about the man, the myth, the Mittens. (And also maybe that dressage horse of his, Rafalca.) I mean, he's apparently had a better year than Obama. And though he might not be a painter like GWB, he's still an impressive head of hair, if nothing else. Got to love a man who didn't even want to vote for himself in the very election he ended up spending lots and lots of money on to win, right?

Romney has always been a polarizing figure, so there's little room for doubt that this look into the human being that purports to also be a politician (can you do both at the same time? Serious question.) will delight and upset many a critic when it plays next month.

Netflix subscribers and holders-of-their-friends-passwords will be able to decide for themselves when MITT premieres on January 24, 2014, damn Mitt (har har har).