9 Compelling Reasons The Second Republican Debate Is A Must Watch, Even If You Already Know You’ll Vote Democrat

If you're a sworn Democrat, following the Republican primary might seem like a waste of time, and watching the upcoming CNN debate might seem like a perfect way to spoil a Wednesday evening — but there are tons of reasons why you should watch the second Republican debate. These events aren't solely reserved for political junkies and reporters only. Their entire purpose is to appeal to American voters and showcase all the candidates in an easy, contained way.

The debate is basically your one-stop shop for all your political campaign knowledge needs. Even if you have paid zero attention to what's happening on the right, the debate is like a crash course. You get a feel for the candidate's personalities, how knowledgeable they are, and how they interact with others. During debates, they are pushed out of their comfort zones, which allows voters to see sides of them that don't come out during typical campaign events.

I know what you're thinking though— "I know I'm voting Democrat, so I don't care how these people react." You're probably wondering why it matters. You have your candidate, you know you support them, so why do you need to pay attention to anyone else? Well, friend, there are many reasons why.

You Can Weigh The GOP Candidates Against Your Preferred Democrat

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Even if you already have your candidate picked out, before they can take the Oval Office by storm, whichever Democrat gets the nomination will still have to go up against a Republican nominee. Watching the debates helps you size up the competition, and get an idea for what the upcoming race will look like when it's narrowed down to two candidates.

Because Knowledge Is Power


Chances are, you have a Republican in your life who loves to debate. Maybe it's Grandma, or Dad, or the guy who sits next to your cubicle. But you can't get into an informed political debate with them if you don't know the facts — and even if you really believe in a Democratic candidate, it's pretty humiliating when you lose an argument because you don't know anything about their opposition. The debate will help you with this, so that you'll never lose another debate to your cubicle partner ever again.

You'll Find Out What Issues Candidates Really Care About


If you are a dedicated member of the Black Lives Matter movement, or are really passionate about reproductive health, then you should definitely be watching the debates. If you have an issue that is extremely important to you, watching the debate will allow you to judge how much it matters to the candidates. And who knows — one of them may surprise you.

You'll Be Able To Keep Up With Co-Workers


Remember how humiliating it was to lose an argument to your cubicle neighbor? It's even worse when you go to work on Thursday and can't join in any conversations that your co-workers are having, because you didn't watch the debate. It'll be like middle school all over again as you sit at the table, nodding quietly and feeling left out.

Bernie's Doing It

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Hillary Clinton will be busy making her Late Show appearance, but chances are pretty good that Bernie Sanders will be watching the debate and taking notes, just like last time. Even if you're on #TeamHillary (or holding out for a Joe Biden announcement), everyone is in agreement that Sanders is a pretty cool guy. So you should follow his lead.

It's A Bonding Experience


The GOP debate is like the live-tweeting event of the year. If you thought the MTV Video Music Awards were the best time you've ever had on Twitter, then you will be blown away by the GOP debate. Make friends with your fellow voters and Internet citizens and join in the fun.

It's Actually Really Entertaining

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Hate-watching the debates is also an option. Throw a party, invite friends over, or start a drinking game based off of the candidates and their platforms. Even if you don't care about politics, everyone always loves a valid reason to party on a Wednesday night.

It's Just As Dramatic As Reality TV

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And it's almost as scripted, too. The GOP debate on Wednesday will feature 11 candidates, and will be full of drama. There will be fights, enemies will be made, and chaos will ensue. You will likely see Carly Fiorina eat everyone on stage alive, and Trump alone is enough to make you morbidly curious.

Obama Wants You To


Yup, President Obama wants you to watch the debate, so don't let him down. Before the first GOP debate, an email signed by the president was sent around the Democratic party, encouraging those who are left-leaning to watch the debate. He also sent around a bingo card, so here's hoping he'll do that again.

Primary debates aren't just for one party, so don't let them become that way. Debates are incredibly important to the presidential election process, and they don't have to be boring. If you approach with the right attitude (and maybe a little liquor), watching the Republican primary debate as a Democrat could be the most fun you've had all year.