Meghan Becomes A Cancer Detective On 'RHOC'

Nancy Drew honestly has nothing on Meghan King Edmonds on Real Housewives of Orange County. On Monday's episode, Meghan turned in her O.C. orange for a magnify glass when she went deep undercover to figure out if Vicki's boyfriend Brooks has cancer. It's been a very controversial topic this season, but a lot of the chatter about it was based on what a psychic said, so there wasn't a lot of proof to that statement. Meghan dug into Brooks' cancer diagnosis, and the results only made the women question Brooks' health more — which of course only made Vicki and Brooks more angry.

I'm not sure when Meghan became a private investigator, but girlfriend went deep undercover trying to figure out if Brooks really has cancer. At the time of filming, Meghan's husband's ex-wife was suffering from cancer, and Meghan wanted to make sure that no one was claiming to have cancer to garner sympathy from others, since she has a loved one suffering from the disease.

At a lunch with Shannon and Heather, Meghan reveals that she did a little sleuthing into Brooks' cancer diagnosis. She called Brooks' doctor to find out if he treated cancer patients. In a rather questionably moral moment, Meghan told the doctor's secretary that she was referred by a friend and that she has cancer. According to Meghan, the secretary said that it sounds like she would need an oncologist, because "this doctor does not do cancer."

Hmmmm... the plot thickens.

Shannon, who has been apprehensive to get too involved in the Brooks bashing, said that she was surprised to learn that Brooks didn't actually go meet with the doctor she suggested for him. The doctor was not easy to get an appointment with, but Shannon managed to help Brooks get time with her. But, it turns out that Brooks never made it to the appointment because he got "two flat tires" on the way, according to Shannon.

Later, at Shannon's party, Meghan revealed that she had reached out to an ex girlfriend of Brooks' who had written a blog about how Brooks had previously faked cancer. The woman that Meghan reached out to didn't have anything to really add to the mystery, although Brooks says that her initial posting about Brooks' allegedly faking cancer was because she was "out for blood."

Despite the shaky evidence, Meghan stands by the fact that she will continue to ask questions, and she definitely wants to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Images: Vivian Zink/Bravo