Zendaya Slays Four 'Hunger' Covers That Show Her Ability To Pull Off Any Look — PHOTOS

Who needs one or two or even three magazine covers when you can have four? The best thing about multiple mag covers featuring the same subject is that you can see him or her in a variety of hair and makeup looks. Zendaya slays four Hunger covers. The former spokesmodel for Madonna's Material Girl brand once again demonstrates why she is one of the biggest fashion stars of her generation.

Move over, Selena and Kylie and Kendall and Gigi! In fact, given Zendaya's height and her fabulous features, she could easily earn a living strutting down the runway.

Hunger focuses on fashion, beauty, art, and culture. Since Zendaya is gorgeous, stylish, a singer, and an actress, she is the perfect choice for a cover. Sorry, I meant for four covers.

All of the covers are fashion forward, with two that focus on her face and hair. The other two are more about the red and black ensembles she is wearing.

Full disclosure: I love all the covers, since Zendaya's confidence is apparent. But I do have favorites, so I have ranked them by their awesomeness. Just because I ranked one last doesn't mean I don't love it. It just means I loved other covers more!

Notice how her hands factor into each cover shot. They are very active and doing different things in each image.

1. Wet Head

This is my favorite. She's rocking the wet head look and is lost in thought with her hand at her mouth. It's as though the camera isn't even there and there is no pretense. Her eyes are somewhat obscured by sopping strands but they are way expressive. She also has gooseflesh, which we all get when we're wet and cold! I love that it wasn't Photoshopped out.

2. In The Clutch

Her blown-back hair frames her face and dominates the image. Add her LBD, her downward stare, and the way she is clutching at her chest and it all comes together to form quite a sultry cover.

3. Marooned

The maroon gown is period-esque and beautiful. She looks stunning with slicked back hair and her hands call attention to her cleavage. I just wish the shot was a little more close up and she wasn't bent so forward. Perhaps it was the art director's intention to keep her a little inaccessible?

4. Power Shoulders

This cover is the most "fashion editorial" of the bunch, with the slicked back hair, her hand on her hip, and the big, linebacker shape of the shoulders of her jacket. While I am curious as to where, exactly, her other hand is, this is Zendaya at her most supermodel-like. Gorgeous, but not super relatable, either.

The four Hunger covers are proof that Zendaya can pull off any look. That's her M.O., though.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Old Hollywood glam curls? She owns em.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A tight topknot calls attention to her features.

David Buchan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her striped maxi was casual and fun. But it was also glam thanks to her gladiator boots.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She also slays '90s-inspo, urban chic, with a cropped top and majorly destroyed jeans.

Seriously, is there any look Zendaya can't pull off? Doubtful.

Images: Hunger Magazine (4)