More Proof That Tom Hiddleston Is The Perfect Man

There are two things that the buzz for Tom Hiddleston's I Saw The Light — aka the Hank Williams biopic — has people believing. The first is that Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen are dating (they're not, sadly), and the second one is far more important. The second is that Hiddleston can sing, especially after seeing him in the trailer smashing that Hank Williams song like he wrote it himself. Of course, we're all familiar with movie magic and how Hollywood can convince us of basically anything, so I don't blame some people out there for being skeptical. I mean, how do we know if Hiddleston can really sing? Just because we saw a trailer? Do you believe everything you see on the Internet? Hiddleston is intelligent, romantic, funny, charming, and a phenomenal actor, so there's no way he can possibly sing, too, right?

Wrong. He sings like an angel, and, yes, that's really him in the trailer. The Thor actor has a well-documented history of singing in interviews and on stage, because we're clearly not swooning over him enough. No, he has to make it worse by having explored musical theater, Christmas carols, voice acting, and rapping. He's even sung renditions of Hank Williams songs live on stage, so people don't have much room to be questioning his singing talent here. The better question would be does he do parties, followed by would he like to sing at a party taking place in my bedroom? (Yes, I went there.)

Considering that Hiddleston is basically the whole reason people love the Thor movies so much — OK, OK, Chris Hemsworth and his biceps help, but come on — it's incredibly unfair that he would be such a triple threat. And it's also incredibly unfair that he can impress us with his singing skills for one upcoming movie and then terrify us with his appearance in the also upcoming Crimson Peak film. Hiddleston is such a versatile actor that he gives me emotional whiplash, and then I need to listen to several videos of him singing various songs in order to calm myself down.

Meanwhile, the actor has been receiving positive press from people who are impressed with how much he manages to sound like the real Hank Williams in the I Saw The Light trailer. So, not only can he act with his face and body, but also with his singing voice. I can't, you guys. I can't.

Just when you thought your crush on him couldn't get any bigger. And, because everyone deserves to see this every day, here's Hiddleston singing Christmas carols with a dog in his arms. You're welcome.