T. Hiddles Memes About Him Dating Elizabeth

Ever since it was reported that Loki and the Scarlet Witch might be dating in real life, Hiddlestoners have expressed a lot of emotions. From being totally cool with it to being beyond upset to being somewhat confused to being in utter denial, fans are reacting in all kinds of ways to the possibility of Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen dating. Actually, some have even taken to expressing themselves by using memes. That's right, Tom Hiddleston memes are being made now that there are rumors about him and Olsen being a couple.

Would you expect anything less from the most die-hard fans out there? Definitely not. What better way is there to get out all those emotions you're feeling about a supposed celebrity relationship? Memes are the key to making yourself feel better. Also, the Crimson Peak actor is the perfect person for Internet memes. I mean, have you checked out all those "Hello Darling" ones? Thank you, online world and Hiddlestoners for adding to my procrastination.

With that said, here are a few T. Hiddles memes about him dating Olsen. Plus, I threw in a few pre-Elizabeth Olsen rumors memes that are perfect to use when you're thinking about the fact that Tom Hiddleston might be off the market. You are so very welcome.

1. Some Are Living Their Avengers Dream

Loki and the Scarlet Witch sitting in a tree...

2. Loki Is Totally Down With It

If Loki is pleased, we all should follow suit.

3. Fans Are Ready For A Wedding & Babies

Imagine little Tom's running around. Uh-dorable.

4. Remember, He Still Might Be Single

*fingers crossed*

5. Focus On His Perfection

A great way to ignore those rumors.

6. Prince Charming Can't Help But Date

Duh. No wonder Olsen is reportedly attracted to him.

7. Be Positive

See? There is a reason to not fret about such reports.

8. Most Importantly...

He's just that important he runs through our minds ALL DAY... and so do his dating habits.

9. You're Not Alone

If you're angry at yourself for thinking about Tom and Elizabeth all the time, don't be. It happens... to all of us Hiddlestoners.

I can only imagine what memes will be created whenever Hiddleston gets married...