Man's Skinny Jeans Stop Thieves From Taking His Wallet & They Are The Hero Gotham Deserves

Who needs Batman when you've got crime fighting clothing, like these skinny jeans that saved a man from robbery? For every time you've ever mocked skinny jeans as "emo" or "hipster", it's time to move on, because as it turns out, they might be all you need to stop from getting mugged. Or at least that's what 27-year-old architect German Sent would tell you. Sent was walking to his home in New York's trendy but still largely isolated and industrial neighborhood of Bushwick around 5 A.M. on September 1 when he was assaulted by three men who were trying to rob him. The would-be thieves were interested in taking Sent's phone and wallet, but they were faced with more than they bargained for in Sent's Kenneth Cole skinny jeans.

Apparently, Sent's jeans were so very tight the muggers couldn't get their hands in the pocket in order to take his valuables. Sent described the assault to The New York Post, "They were just arguing amongst themselves, like, 'Get into his front pocket! Get into his left pocket!' And the other would say, 'I can't get it! I can't!' They couldn't even get a finger in my pocket." Sent walked away unharmed, and still in possession of his phone and wallet. For Sent, it was a good day to be trendy.

Unfortunately, others haven't been so lucky. Earlier this year, an Australian woman in skinny jeans was hospitalized after a day of helping her friend move while wearing the tight denim item. The jeans had essentially asphyxiated her legs, making her feet numb and her legs swell up so much that doctors had to cut her out of her jeans. So that's an instance of hero skinny jeans going rogue and turning on us.

So obviously there are benefits and problems too, when it comes to skinny jeans. Maybe we should all just end the debate and switch to mom jeans, because look how chill those look. You would never rob someone this fly:

Images: Ryan Tauss/Unsplash; Giphy (3)