What Will Jason Be Doing In The 'Pretty Little Liars' Time Jump? He Might Not Be Over The Big A Reveal Just Yet

By now, all of us Pretty Little Liars fans have formed our theories, given up on our hopes, and have been consumed by our worries about what will happen to the Liars in the Season 6B time jump. For example, I might actually consider staging a protest at I Marlene King's office if Haleb isn't together by the end of the season, even if Hanna is potentially engaged when Pretty Little Liars Season 6B returns in January. I also genuinely hope that Spencer's off conquering the world, because she is just so ridiculously awesome. But what about the other characters in Rosewood? Where might they be in five years' time? I don't know about you guys, but I'm extremely interested in what Jason DiLaurentis will be doing in the PLL time jump — assuming he "wakes up."

Unfortunately, spoilers and interviews with the PLL team have been extremely limited since the Season 6A finale. Aside from knowing that two new characters — including Jordan, who might be Hanna's new squeeze — are joining the cast in Season 6B and the hint that Spencer is involved in something political, there's really not much accurate information at the moment. But, much like my hopes and dreams for the Liars themselves, I have theories about Jason's journey five years after learning that CeCe Drake is Charlotte DiLaurentis. It might be five years into the future, but that's probably not enough time to wash those memories away.

1. Jason Is In Therapy

Let's be honest, the guy found out he dated and fell for his sister — to say that that's a lot to handle is a gross understatement. I would be genuinely surprised if Jason doesn't attend therapy. To be able to talk to a professional (like Dr. Sullivan perhaps?) about all this would have to be necessity, especially considering all the other familial problems he's had for years and the fact that his mother's death is still an unsolved case.

2. Jason Leaves Rosewood & Returns For Alison

Perhaps Jason pulls a signature-Jason move and leaves Rosewood to try to get over the traumatic A reveal? The guy has been through almost as much as the Liars themselves, in the emotional and physical sense (remember when he almost got chopped in half in the elevator shaft?). He's probably scarred, just like the Liars, by Rosewood and wanted to leave for as long as possible. He no longer works for his father's business and instead has started his own landscaping firm, since we've seen throughout the series that he is quite good with the outdoorsy tools. However, my guess is that, when the Liars told Alison they all came back for her, they're also talking about Jason. Because if there is one truth, it's that Jason does care for Alison (and Spencer!) even when their relationship was at its worst.

3. Jason Is Still Deeply Traumatized

But then again, maybe therapy and leaving Rosewood just wasn't enough. It's entirely possible that, instead of slowly healing over time, Jason just got worse due to the crushing weight of his family's dysfunction. I doubt that I Marlene King and the PLL writers will want to make Jason out to be another DiLaurentis Big Bad, but it is possible that he hinders whatever the Liars are trying to do to protect Alison.

4. Jason Steers Clear Of Aria & Ashley

This is more of a hope than a theory, but I hope that the show doesn't try and resurrect some kind of relationship between Jason and Aria or Jason and Ashley. If I were Jason, I would want to stay away from being too closely associated with all aspects of the Liars and their lives in the first place. He's already related to two of them and, if he does want to stay away from the drama, he won't get involved with a third or the mother of another one. And, honestly, Ashley deserves to be with Ted, he's a good man and he's stood by her through a lot.

Plus, if this Instagram photo from I Marlene King means what I think it means, Aria and Ezra might actually be together for the long haul. Jason should just find a nice, new girl that has nothing to do with the Liars, but that probably won't happen for many years after learning he dated his own sister. Knowing this series though, anyone he ends up with will somehow be tied to the Liars.

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