K. Stew's Split From Rob Influenced Her New Role

Twilight fans, be sure you're sitting down for this one. In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Kristen Stewart opened up about her breakup with Robert Pattinson and called the split "incredibly painful." Though the actors have been broken up for two years, it is obvious that the memory of time spent with him is still there with her.

When Stewart talked about Pattinson, she even added a "Ugh, f*cking kill me," for good measure. It is not hard to imagine why remembering what happened still gives her that kind of reaction. After all, the actors dated for about three years, right in the middle of peak Twilight insanity. In 2012, it was revealed in photos that Stewart had cheated on him with her Snow White and the Huntsman director. Though the pair did try their hand at love again, in 2013, the dream team called things off for good.

But it seems like the aftermath of the breakup has certainly not been all bad news for Stewart. In her Daily Beast interview, the 25-year-old talked about how her emotions played into her latest role in the upcoming film Equals.

Stewart, who began shooting Equals in 2014 fresh off the heels of her hugely publicized breakup, said it was a really good time for her to start filming. It didn't hurt that her co-star, Nicholas Hoult, who plays her love interest in the movie, had also recently gone through a public breakup of his own with Jennifer Lawrence. Stewart said of her own and her co-star's emotional states,

We all felt akin by how much we’ve been through, and to utilize that is so scary. And to acknowledge it, reassess, and jump back into it? Usually you want to move on. But at least we could use some of that for some good.

After all, Equals focuses on a love story — a futuristic love story at that — in which Stewart's character is able to hide her emotions. But Stewart hinted that there is an element of heartbreak in the movie, saying that she hopes that audiences who go see the movie find some hope in love after heartbreak. So, it is not hard to see why she might have drawn some inspiration from her personal experiences to get into character for this film. And hey, if she was able to utilize them for both personal and professional development in a positive way, then more power to her for not letting the negative energy consume her.