Tidal Might Start Selling CDs & These 7 Artists Need To Follow In Prince's Footsteps

Trends from the early 2000s are back, and I'm not just talking television. Jay Z and Beyoncé's PDA filled beach photos aren't the only thing bringing his name to the headlines... his exclusive music streaming service Tidal has now expanded it's horizons: Tidal will begin selling CDs, if "artists... choose whether to offer alternative formats of their music on the service." Leading the pack is Prince's new album HITNRUN Phase One , the first and currently only CD you can get from Tidal, but not necessarily the last.

Prince's album was originally released exclusively to Tidal, but was released on all other platforms on Monday. This excited Prince's fans, and has brought a lot of attention to Tidal's new service. The music streaming platform is known for its exclusivity, releasing things like music videos on the site/app. It famously debuted Beyoncé's MTV VMAs Video of the Year-nominated music video for "7/11" last November, as well as Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj's video for their sassy duet "Feeling Myself."

If Tidal decides to take this initiative forward, selling CDs will attract a different audience to Jay Z's site, especially since it will offer both CDs that can be shipped to your home and digital downloads. There are definitely some other artists who should follow in Prince's footsteps and release their albums as CDs on Tidal to help us put our dusty CD players to use. Here are some popular artists who should follow Prince's lead.

1) The Weeknd

This one is a no brainer. The Weeknd's career is at an all time high right now, and the only way left to go is up. If he gives Tidal permission to sell Beauty Behind the Madness as a CD, it'll only benefit him more. His top hits are already available on Tidal, so this will only expand our library of choices. We would no longer have to listen to "Can't Feel My Face" with our earbuds squeezed in our ears at max volume.

2) One Direction

Before you groan, remember that Liam Payne promised Attitude magazine that One Direction will be back after their hiatus. Hence the term: hiatus. Until that time, we should be able to reminisce on their past victories with their past four albums available as CDs on Tidal. Their fifth album is sure to be a hit, so it won't hurt to include it as well.

3) Beyoncé

Having Beyoncé's best hits available in CD form on Tidal is a must. Everyone loves Beyoncé, in any form, from digital download to vinyl.

4) Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is doing so well these days, which is great considering his album his coming out this November. Debuting it as a CD on Tidal will be a great way for him to expand his reach.

5) Drake

Meek Mill might still not be the biggest fan of Drake right now, but the rest of us are. After seeing the success of "Hotline Bling" and "Back to Back" all over the Internet and on Tidal as well, it is clear that Drake's CDs would be major success stories.

6) Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has always been a supporter of making artists' music available for purchase after all of the work they put into producing their music. I can see her giving Tidal permission to sell her CDs; it'll give her fans more outlets to buy her music!

7) Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande's last album My Everything was a major success, and opened several doors for her as America fell in love with her voice. It's no secret that her next one will be another one to talk about. With the Scream Queens premiere quickly approaching, the announcement of her album being available on Tidal as a CD will only increase her hype.

I wasn't even thinking about CDs prior to hearing about Tidal's announcement. Now, the idea of some of my favorite, popular albums being available in CD form on yet another outlet doesn't sound like a bad idea. If these artists decide to sell their CDs on Tidal, we'll all be popping discs in no time.