Are Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx Friends? Those Katie Holmes Dating Rumors Are Really Begging The Question

You know that unspoken rule you have between you and your friends that no one, in any circumstance, is allowed to date anyone else's current and/or former significant other? Yeah, celebrities have that, too. Except, just like us, celebrities don't always adhere to the rule. Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are rumored to be dating (yes, still), which begs the question... are Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise friends? Because, it sort of seemed like they were. And if so, this is all just super awkward. For them, at least.

I guess it all boils down to the fact that Cruise and Foxx were co-workers first, as any and every publication will point out in connection with Foxx and Holmes alleged relationship. But it's one thing to work with someone, send them off with best wishes, and never see them again. It's another thing if you two have a history. Which, um, Cruise and Foxx do.

The two actors actually go way back, before they ended up starring together in Collateral in 2004. As Foxx hilariously recalled in an interview with Graham Norton, he read for Cuba Gooding Jr.'s role in Jerry Maguire with Jerry Maguire himself. Take a look:

Despite interacting in professional settings, these actors don't and didn't seem to have that type of cordial yet aloof relationship so often seen in Hollywood. No, the actors actually seemed fairly friendly. If you can't quite recall any instances of the two being chummy with one another, perhaps this video will jog your memory — or just change your mind if you're skeptical:

Yes, it was a skit. But it's clear the two had the definite comfortable familiarity with one another needed to pull it off. Besides, in an extremely ironic interview Foxx did with Extra in 2012, an interviewer acknowledged Cruise as one of his "good friends" and, in addition to that, Foxx spoke about the Cruise/Holmes divorce and only had the kindest and most reassuring of words to say:

Do they have matching friendship bracelets or one half of a broken heart necklace that reads either, "Best" or "Friend?" Probably not. But you don't need special trinkets or to even chat with someone on the phone everyday to acknowledge them as a confidant. So, I think it's safe to say that a friendship (and if the rumors are true, perhaps a now sort of awkward friendship) exists between the actors, given the evidence.