Timo Weiland's Designing Tights This Season

If you love your tights nearly as much as the ever adorkable Zooey Deschanel, autumn's tights trend may just be your sartorial solemate. As the Fall 2015 season kicks into high gear, it seems that one of the biggest brewing microtrends is stockings. Whether dotted, spotted, striped, or solid, stockings haven't received this much attention since Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf made them the ultimate must-have accessory in 2007. Regardless of whether you adore patterned crimson tights or favor simple black stay ups, now is the time to embrace the trend. It was with this knowledge in mind that the design team behind cult favorite label Timo Weiland decided to collaborate with tights company HUE, a company beloved for its twee and traditional stocking styles alike.

Founded in 2010 by Weiland, Alan Eckstein, and Donna Kang, the Timo Weiland brand has since grown to be adored for its bold, graphic prints and edgy tailoring. It seemed only logical, then, for the burgeoning label to team up with an equally beloved brand in order to fashion street style-worthy legwear. "The Timo Weiland for Hue legwear collaboration will no doubt to be the perfect second-skin layer for our woman to add to her wardrobe," Weiland explained in a statement to the press regarding the forthcoming collection. Amongst the collection's trove of luxe staples are sweater tights, cashmere blend track pants, skirts, and socks rendered in universally flattering neutral hues. If you're still not quite sold on the tights trend for autumn, read on for Weiland's tips and tricks for rocking the burgeoning fad.

1. Try A Lesson In Contrast

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If you're searching for a manner of making your ensemble a standout, simply play with contrasting fabrics and textures. "[Styling the HUE collection is] all about texture and interesting visual combinations. Alan, Donna, and I have always defined our perspective as wearable novelty," Weiland tells me over e-mail. Try pairing knit tights with leather, lace, or silk for a standout look.

2. Add A Romantic Accent

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"Robe coats and floaty modern romantic textures" are important trends for autumn, Weiland advises, and pair perfectly with tights. Try sheer stockings with a silken robe coat or chiffon with sweater tights for an unexpectedly ethereal ensemble.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Incorporate Menswear

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"There are subtle menswear references mixed with modern feminine touches in the stitch details to enhance the tomboy pretty attitude of the overall look," Weiland explains with regards to the HUE collection. Mix and match masculine staples like a blazer and button down with the collection's tights and skirts for a truly unique mien.

4. Keep Versatility In Mind

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"Each style in the capsule collection will comfortably take our woman from the her daily routine to the night on the town," Weiland insists. Give your tights and skirt a kick into eveningwear with a pair of heels and a cheeky clutch.

Here's to warm legs all winter long!

Images: hueofficial(2)/Instagram