Ashley S. & Her Fiancé Are Adorable Together

It's official: Our Onion Girl will no longer be needing Chris Harrison's matchmaking services. Over the weekend, news broke that Ashley Salter is engaged to Austin Brannen, her boyfriend and long time love from her college days. Their story is actually incredibly sweet — from what I can deduce, anyway. They were college sweethearts, and now, they're spending the rest of their lives together. ABC couldn't have created a cuter scenario for these two!

And of course, this is good news and bad news: I'm so glad that Salter has found the sweet guy she deserves, but I'm bummed that this means that she'll probably never make another appearance on a Bachelor Nation show again — at least, not looking for love, anyway.

But the heartbreak of knowing we'll never see another future Bachelor try to figure Salter out again is quickly replaced by joy as soon as you've taken the time to stalk her Instagram (and her new fiancé's) and realize how adorable they are together. They seem genuinely happy to have found each other, and there's no denying the fact that their future children are going to be absolutely beautiful.

Still haven't stalked? Don't worry — these are all the photos you need to see to be convinced that Salter and Brannen are the cutest couple ever.

1. Brannen's First Appearance On Salter's Instagram

At least, during the time they've been dating since Salter's stint on BIP. How cute is this?!

2. When They Were Hanging Out On The Town

From Salter's hashtags, I'm guessing they were at a bar eating tacos, which is my kind of place.

3. When They Took The Most Couple-y Photo Of All Time

It's official: Salter looks awesome in pink, and she's the most stylish ever. Can she please let me shop her closet? Or at least buy my clothes for me?

4. This Super Cute Throwback Photo

They were so young! And so adorable! Also, Salter rocks brown hair.

5. When They Went Out To Dinner

If I looked like them, I would Instagram every time I went out to eat, too.

6. That Time They Looked Like Vineyard Vines Models

It probably would not surprise you at all to find out that Brannen is super into golf.

7. When They Were Adorable At A Baseball Game

When I'm at a baseball game, I usually have an overpriced margarita in one hand and a funnel cake in another, so this is classy.

8. From The Day They Got Engaged

She captioned another photo of them walking up the stairs to where he would propose "stairway to heaven." If you're not dying, you're lying.

I'm so excited for Salter and her next adventure. I can't wait to see how her new future unfolds with Brannen. And maybe she'll come back to The Bachelor to advise the contestants instead next season? If anyone played the game the right way, it was her.

Image: Ashley Salter/Instagram