Vanessa Has 2 Ways Of Getting To The 'BB17' Finals

There's less than one week of Big Brother 17 left, and it comes with lots of questions and scenarios for the houseguests to consider. Who is the likeliest person to win the final HOH? Who would each Big Brother houseguest take to the final two? Who has the best chance of winning the $500,000 grand prize? This final week is the most important in the game, and much of it comes down to who makes it to the final two. With the pressure mounting, we've already seen Steve break down after a decision that might have cost him the game. Liz is doing fine for now, though she is likely still recovering from losing her strongest allies two weeks in a row. And then there's Vanessa.

As we already know, Vanessa is no Derrick, the Season 16 winner who was safe in the end thanks to solid final two deals with both of the remaining houseguests. Over the last several weeks, Vanessa made a final two deal with each of the four other remaining houseguests, but that already came back to bite her when she had to choose between Liz and John on Wednesday's special live eviction episode. It seems right now that the likeliest person to win the game is Vanessa, but she needs to make it to the final two to get there. Would either Steve or Liz take Vanessa to the end?

Steve's Final Two Pick

As Steve has already admitted to the feeders (and himself): Vanessa would beat him in the final two. His plan this past week was to evict Vanessa and take John to the final two. He broke down late Tuesday night because he threw the POV competition, supposedly after being convinced to do so by Vanessa. During his breakdown, he repeated to himself that his decision would cost him the game. At this point, loyalty is the only reason he would keep Vanessa over Liz, and that is just not enough incentive to take her to the end. And, really, if Vanessa can convince him otherwise, then he deserves to lose.

Steve picks Liz for the final two.

Liz's Final Two Pick

From everything we've seen on the show and in the live feeds this week, it looks like Liz is ready to work with Vanessa at the end and make it a ladies-only final two. Sure, Vanessa blindsided her by evicting Austin, but there can only be one winner in the end, right? If Liz is smart, she'll take Steve to the final two because she's more likely to beat him. Sadly, Liz seems easy to manipulate, and Vanessa will surely take advantage of that.

Liz picks Vanessa for the final two.

The only guaranteed way for Vanessa to get to the final two is for her to win that final HOH competition. Her Big Brother fate is in her own hands, in a way, and that's just how she likes it.

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Image: Monty Brinton/CBS