Clinton Will Make Decision About 2016 Bid By Next Year, Bill Gates Does Reddit Secret Santa: In Other News

Finally! After pretty much the entire Democratic Party and a specially-created super PAC pushed Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016, she's put an end to the speculation. Psych! Hillary Clinton told Barbara Walters that she hasn't decided if she'll run yet, but did make one promise: “Obviously, I will look carefully at what I think I can do and make that decision sometime next year,” Clinton said during an interview to mark Walters naming her the "Most Fascinating Person Of 2013. So ... not quite what we were hoping for. But she's certainly not ruling anything out, either. (#Clinton2016!)

In other news ... did you know Reddit does Secret Santa? Well, one Redditor this year received a present from a mysterious "Bill"... who turned out to be Bill Gates. "Sorry for the apple iPad on my wish list," the girl concluded her follow-up post. "That was really awkward."

A whole 42 percent of Republicans apparently think Santa Claus is "verifiably white." We can't.

The fake sign-language translator at Nelson Mandela's memorial service has been committed to a psychiatric hospital.

This is heart-wrenching: A lonely Irish pensioner placed an ad for a Christmas companion in his local paper. At first, almost nobody responded, but then a paper wrote a story about it — and the man, James Grey, received hundreds of cards and gifts, and invitations to Christmas celebrations from across the country.

More news from the United Kingdom: three schools have launched mentoring programs to teach young boys the art of courtship.

Forget about Doctors Without Borders ... the world now has Clowns Without Borders. Yes, really.

Loads of penguins marched in South Korea's Penguin Parade.

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Of course you want to see more.

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Pope Francis has attracted four times the crowds since March than Pope Benedict saw for the whole of 2012. Sorry, Benedict.

Have you ever seen a strange, massive concrete arrow in the middle of the desert? Well, turns out there are a lot of them in America, and they're not the next generation of crop circles. In the early days of air mail, they were used to point pilots in the right direction.

Rob Ford's still doing well!

And finally, this. Just this. For a whole hour.

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