Kanye West Releases New Song "Fade (I Feel It)" At Yeezy Season 2, But What Is It About?

Kanye West loves a good surprise and surprise the world he did when Kanye dropped a a new single off of his upcoming album at his Yeezy Season 2 fashion show in New York City on September 16. The new song entitled "Fade (I Feel It)" features Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone alongside Yeezus. "Fade (I Feel It)" is sure to be an instant hit, but what is Kanye's "Fade (I Feel It)" really about? The good news is it won't take you very long to learn the words to the song, as I'm pretty sure the hit consists of about three different lyrics on repeat. The bad news is that the lyrics are so simple that it's kinda hard to tell what the song is even about.

Nothing stimulates me more than a good old fashioned lyrical investigation so I've decided to dive into the depths of Kanye's psyche to dissect the true meaning of "Fade (I Feel It)." If you haven't heard Kanye's latest (soon to be) hit, I would suggest giving it a listen below. Then, join me as I embark on this mission to understand the ever-impenetrable mind of our future president, Mr. Kanye West.

The Sample

The song starts with the lyric "Your love is fadin'" on repeat, which are vocals borrowed from the song "I Know (I'm Losing You)" by Rare Earth, which itself is actually a cover of a track originally by The Temptations. The original song by The Temptations is about a man who can feel his woman rapidly slipping away from him in favor of another man.

The Meaning

Kanye loves to pay homage to his musical influences and predecessors, and this nod to The Temptations takes the meaning of the original song and, while putting a contemporary twist on it, leaves the meaning of the original relatively untouched.

As far as how this relates to Kanye though, I don't think it does. Anyone who has seen Kim and Kanye interact knows that the love is definitely not fading between the two of them. Like, could they be more into each other? However, if we want to really read between the lines here and infer meaning where meaning may not exist, perhaps the lyrics are an allegory for the sadness Kanye feels at watching North grow up and feeling like he's losing his baby.

The Lyrics

Here's a full version of the "Fade (I Feel It) lyrics so you can see just how repetitive the lyrics are (and so you can memorize them and jam out anytime the song comes on).

So there you have it, the latest from Kanye West decoded. Nothing too complex there, but, in all its simplicity, "Fade (I Feel It)" is sure to be a mainstay on your list of new favorite songs.