The 2000 Emmys Red Carpet Fashion Was The Best

Do you ever reflect back on the year 2000 and think, “those were the good old days?” Most likely no — but you might after you see the Emmy Awards red carpet fashion from 2000 because it really was the best. From Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston still being together to Cher walking the red carpet (which you don’t see too much of anymore) there was a lot to love about that year’s red carpet style, despite the fact that the early '00s have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to style.

With sequins and feathers, there are quite a few memorable looks at the Emmys, but no matter how badly the outfits may flop by today’s standards (or even back then), there’s a certain fondness that I have for each and every one of the looks that walked the red carpet that year. I guess nostalgia’s just getting the best of me. As much as I care about the fashion, it’s even more refreshing to see some of these actors and actresses faces again. I mean, Lucy Liu. What’s she been up to these days, you know? (Starring in Elementary, as a matter of fact.)

Anyways, enough of me waxing nostalgic about these famous people from long ago, let’s just get to what they wore already, right? Check out nine looks from the 2000 Emmys and see if you don’t find yourself loving their fashion sense, too.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

I love Sex and the City so much that I'm OK with this very Carrie Bradshaw look — feathers and all.

2. Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt

I honestly miss them together. She looks gorgeous in a simple (but still very bold) red dress, and he's working the sexy unbuttoned look.

3. Halle Berry

Her short hair and black dress were as stunning as ever. I don't even think she's aged at all since then. She still looks exactly the same.

4. Cher

Cher is all sequined-out. You've gotta love her style.

5. Lucy Liu

She rocked a naked dress way back then. Way to go, am I right?

6. Debra Messing

Her loose updo looks amazing.

7. Kim Cattrall

She nailed the thigh-high slit pose.

8. Lisa Kudrow

This dress is a little prom-like, but hey, it's 2000, remember?

9. Jenna Elfman

Again with another barely there look. The naked dress was popular much earlier than we thought.

It's hard not to love these looks for one reason or another, you know?