50 Nerds Of Grey Is A Parody You've Always Wanted

There’s nothing I love more than a nerdy-cute guy. There’s just something so sexy about someone who’s smart, confident in their abilities yet a tad bit socially awkward, can pull a random fact or two out of nowhere to keep conversations lively, and gets passionately heated over the fact that “Han shot first.” Oh, and that pair of thick rimmed glasses…uhm, hello! Despite what popular culture led us to believe, nerds are hot. If you’re one of the many who fantasize about sexy time with a geeky guy or girl, a new Fifty Shades of Grey parody account called @50NerdsOfGrey is definitely one to follow.

For anyone who’s ever read the books or has seen the movie, Fifty Shades is just filled with cringe-worthy lines that sort of make you stop and question your life decisions. I mean, “I don’t make love, I f***…hard.” Uhm…OK. With little gems like that, it’s no wonder why people have gone out of their way to create their own parodies of the popular BDSM series.

But what happens when give Fifty Shades a little nerdy twist? Well, you get a little something like this:

If you didn't know, The IT Crowd's Richard Ayoade is the face of 50 Nerds Of Grey.

So, curious? I know you are. Here are some highlights from the 50 Nerds Of Grey for all you algebra enthusiasts out there:

1. Wait, What Is BDSM Again?

2. Punishment

3. The Epitome Of Nerdery.

4. Black Leather Takes On Another Meaning

5. Harder?

6. It's All About Taking Control

7. My Tastes Are Very...Singular.

8. Risk-Taking At It's Finest

9. Hurt Me

10. This:

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Images: 50Shades/Tumblr