6 Things To Know About 'Dash Doll' Caroline Burt

While we are meeting some of the stars of E! Entertainment’s Kardashian spinoff Dash Dolls for the first time this Sunday, Sept. 20, we already know one cast member pretty well, Caroline, who has shown up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians spinoffs in the past. But, Before the Dash Dolls premiere this weekend, we need to know a little more about Caroline Burt.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans first met Caroline on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons. Remember? She washed the boat and did a number of other household chores? Eventually her tasks got more challenging and today she is a sales associate at the boutique, Dash’s resident DJ, and a burgeoning reality star in her own right on Dash Dolls. From handling stuff around the house to spinning as a popular DJ, it’s almost — dare I say it — a Cinderella story, where the Kardashians play both step-sisters and Fairy Godmother, but mostly Godmother. Which makes me wonder: What other talents and tricks does she have up her sleeve?

So, what else can we expect from Caroline on Dash Dolls? Here are six things to know about her before the premiere episode.

1. She Loves To Pose

She is a Dash Doll, after all.

2. She’s A DJ

In addition to spinning at Dash, she plays L.A. hotspots.

3. She’s Friends With The Other "Dash Dolls"


4. She’s Dating A Rock Star

According to E!, part of Caroline's story arc on the show is a romance with a “budding rock star.”

5. She’s A Dog Person

Caroline's right, what isn’t there to love?

6. She’s an Advocate

We know Caroline had a troubled past, and now she is using her experiences to help others.

I can’t wait to see Caroline in action on Dash Dolls.

Image: E!