Will Caroline Burt Be On 'Dash Dolls'? Here's What We Might SeecOn The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Spinoff

The Kardashian Gods have heard our prayers and have graced us with another Keeping Up With The Kardashians inspired show. The who, what, where, when, and why of the KUWTK spinoff Dash Dolls is still pretty unknown, but one person I'm hoping we'll see is Caroline Burt, a DASH doll that we first met on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons. It seems that Caroline is now in Los Angeles and from the looks of it, she's a front-runner for being one of the stars of the upcoming series on E!, set to premiere this fall.

While the series has just been announced, fans are already looking forward to seeing Caroline on Dash Dolls. Caroline hasn't confirmed she'll be in the series, but all the signs are pointing towards a "Yes." Caroline has Retweeted fans who have said how excited they are that she'll be on Dash Dolls , and for me, that's about as much as I need for a confirmation.

Caroline was on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons after Khloe and Kourtney hired her as someone who essentially did chores around the house. Eventually they gave her tasks that were a little more challenging, and she clearly made an impression, because here we are with Caroline starring on Dash Dolls. So if Caroline is in fact on Dash Dolls, what can we expect to see from her?

Her Music

Caroline is also a DJ, something she tweets about often. Chances are we'll hear a lot about Caroline's music career on the show — what better way to promote yourself than on a Kardashian show.


I'm not sure if Caroline is a model professionally, but if she is, we'll probably see that side of her career. With that, we'll probably see a lot of her hair on the show too, because how can you miss those Elsa locks?

Her Friendships With The Other "Dolls"

Considering the Kardashian's past shows never shy away from interpersonal relationships, I can't believe this show will be any different. The women on the show all seem to get along now, but will that last? Time will tell, but for ratings sake, I'm hoping there's a little drama.

Her Childhood

From the looks of this message, it seems like Caroline has been through a lot as a teenager. If she so chooses to bring her story to the show — which she doesn't need to at all — it would be a great forum for others who have been through similar situations to find support and to know they're not alone.

Image: E!