Rob Would Make 'KUWTK' Even Better This Season

Rob Kardashian hasn't been a big part of the recent seasons of KUWTK and didn't appear at all in I Am Cait. But will Rob be on Keeping Up With the Kardashians when it returns on Sunday night? Surprisingly, he's rumored to be making a return during the upcoming episodes, according to the Mirror. Rob's hiatus from the show was a long time coming. He went through an unfortunate breakup with former girlfriend Adrienne Bailon (from The Cheetah Girls!) on camera, and was later seriously affected by Khloe and Lamar Odom's split. Since Rob was particularly close with Lamar, and had spent a long time living with him and Khloe, it was a difficult transition. Additionally, the last few times he was seen on KUWTK, viewers saw Rob's family discuss his weight with him frequently, and continue to express concern for him when he wasn't on the show.

Though it hasn't been confirmed by Rob or anyone from E!, if the Mirror's report ends up being correct, the Kardashian brother could be using this season of KUWTK to make a positive return and show that people shouldn't be so worried about him. I hope we get to see Rob on the show again, because really adds great things to it that are often overlooked.

He's A Dude Who Does Silly Dude Things

Since Scott's presence on KUWTK is still in question, it's possible that Rob could be the only male cast member this season on KUWTK. While the ladies have no problem holding down the show, it's always fun to see how Rob, Scott, or even Kanye bounce off of the sisters.

He Can Share How He Overcome Body Shaming

It's something that we've seen trouble many of the Kardashians before — with such a public lifestyle, fans and haters alike feel free to comment on their appearances in a highly judgmental way. Seeing what that does to someone could serve as a valuable example of the toll bullying can take.

His Relationship With Khloe Is One Of The Best On The Show

I love how close Khloe is with her brother, and how much she acts as the big sister towards him. It's very sweet, and these two just click. I look forward to hopefully seeing more of them alternately annoying and comforting one another.

He Has A Great Sense Of Humor

When Rob is in a good mood, he's a charming guy.

The Evolution Of His Hair

Every Kardashian has a gene that makes them predisposed to having great hair. After several years of the cropped short look, seems like Rob has gone back to the long, tousled style.

He Has A Tiny French Bulldog Who Deserves To Be A Star

I'm not sure if with such a short season there would be time for Pablito, but if not, there's always Season 11.

He's Not Interested In Negativity

At least, that's what his very recently resurrected Instagram says, and it seems like he's sticking to that mindset.

And Hopefully He's Feeling Warm Towards His Family

I felt sympathetic to Rob during some of his tough seasons. Kim seemed intent on tricking him into losing weight, and it often came across as cruel to me. So I hope Rob has a good relationship with his family these days, and is at least considering a return to KUWTK to make the season even better.

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