Rob Kardashian Comments on Adrienne Bailon's Criticism Without Actually Commenting at All

When Adrienne Bailon did her interview with Latina magazine, there's a chance she wasn't expecting such a vitriolic response from the Kardashian clan. Her interview was a blunt tell-all that happened to cover aspects of her former romantic relationship with Rob Kardashian and it didn't paint Rob in a very good light. Admittedly, even at the time of the relationship Rob wasn't painting himself in a very good light, but Rob Kardashian has been going through personal struggles lately that make an interview like this seem very ill-timed. Both Kim and Khloe Kardashian defended Rob on Twitter and made it clear what they thought of Bailon for kicking him while he was down. Now Rob Kardashian himself has spoken out against Bailon, although he did it in the most deflective way possible.

Rob didn't contribute anything new to the discussion at all. Instead, he simply retweeted something that Khloe had said on her Twitter. The comment simply read "FDB", which is Internet speak for f*ck that bitch. Rob had nothing to say before or after this tweet and it's interesting to speculate as to why his contribution to this controversy wasn't actually a comment at all. Rob is the target, and thus the center, of the controversy, after all. Shouldn't he have something to say?

Not necessarily. Both Kim and Khloe Kardashian both had a lot to say about the subject and, honestly, what could Rob add that hadn't already been said? In the first place, he might not want to prolong this for any longer than it has gone on. Regardless of present circumstances, Bailon has a legitimate grievance with him and his treatment of her as a girlfriend. She may have chosen the wrong time to air them and the wrong words to say, but she has a point when it comes to the treatment of male cheaters and female cheaters in society.

In the second place, Rob has been largely flying under the radar while he works on personal issues and tries to get himself back into shape. The Latina interview brought attention to him that he probably didn't want and even his simple retweet drew more eyes to him. Throwing words of his own out there for people to pick apart or for Bailon to respond to would just prolong the discussion, whereas "FDD" could honestly be about anyone or anything. Quite honestly, Rob handled this the smart way. The only way he could have done better would be by posting a picture of himself during happy times on Instagram á la Beyoncé.