Prince George Is Going to Australia Because Kate Middleton & Prince William Are So Cliché

It's been announced that when the little guy is 9-months-old, Prince George will accompany his lovely parents on a tour to New Zealand and Australia, which is exciting for him, although depressing for those of us who graduated diapers long ago without ever making it to that side of the world. It's yet another throw back to Prince William's childhood and it simply cannot be a coincidence that William also went to visit Australia and New Zealand with his parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana when he was 9-months-old. The overlap certainly says something about how Kate and William appear to be raising little George.

Personally, I thought Kate Middleton's Diana outfit homage was cute, but the Australia/New Zealand time overlap makes the parental decisions of Kate and Wills just a bit odd. I mean firstly, where is Kate in this upbringing, is she allowed to bring any element of her childhood to the table here, or is it because William is royal that they've just decided to follow the Diana-and-Charles plan?

Secondly, it isn't like Diana and Charles ended up particularly well, and although William may have turned out fine, it's a bit linear to just simply follow the same movements as royal parents of yore have done. More than that, it's dull and outdated.

The monarchy itself is a relic of the past but the way William and Kate raise their offspring shouldn't be, necessarily. It would be refreshing to see Kate and William strike out on a new path for British royalty. A little bit Middleton and a little bit Royal, but more importantly, completely unique.