Lindsey Graham's GOP Debate Quotes Prove He's The Most Entertaining Candidate

The pre-debate forum featuring the bottom four Republican candidates has officially wrapped up. Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, and George Pataki all spoke their pieces and vied for America's attention. As opposed to the first pre-debate forum, the candidates took the stage to a relatively packed audience. The crowd at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library did not go unnoticed by Graham, who immediately started out by joking about attendance. This set the course for a surprisingly humorous appearance by the South Carolina Senator. If anything, some of Lindsey Graham's best GOP debate quotes proves he's the most entertaining candidate out there. His statements also show an incredibly experience politician.

"One, thanks, CNN, for having people at this debate," Graham immediately said to laughter before launching into an introduction about himself as a candidate. He highlighted his past military experience as well as outlined his primary campaign focuses:

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Graham took a surprisingly progressive stance on immigration, siding with former president George W. Bush's reform policies and proclaiming that "Hispanics are Americans" after Santorum said "We need to win fighting for Americans." Some of Graham's most colorful language came from his response to questions on immigration reform. He referenced former South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond in a thinly veiled insult against the current immigration system:

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Graham showed his conservative colors, however, when discussing how immigrants should better assimilate when coming to the United States. He was rather lighthearted when discussing issues of learning the English language, joking:

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Another moment of levity had Graham incredibly self-effacing when he touched upon about his experience studying law at the University of South Carolina. For Graham's credit, he was the first in his family to attend college. Graham joked:

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The issue that Graham consistently touched upon was foreign policy and terrorism, specifically combating ISIS and other religious extremist groups. Strom Thurmond joke aside, Graham's strongest statements came from panning the current administration's approach to what he sees as an ongoing war on terror:

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Graham was the clear pre-debate winner in the minds of many. Even moderator and Salem Radio Network host Hugh Hewitt commended him for his performance. After Hewitt praised him, Graham got in one more joke about one of the ways he'd bring the American people together. Graham said: