Hillary's Best Quotes From Her 'Fallon' Stop

One of the biggest criticisms of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign was her inability to connect with American voters, and it's a characterization that has carried into her second presidential run. Often blasted for being standoffish and inaccessible, Clinton has made a concerted effort to head into a new phase; one that takes a softer and more lighthearted approach to convincing Americans give her their vote. That's what made Clinton's best quotes from her stop at Tonight Show all the more scrutinized.

Clinton was all smiles during her appearance Wednesday night, which coincided with the second GOP debate. And she went through the expected topics of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Emailgate. But considering that this was her first time sitting across from Fallon — and her first late-night appearance this election season — the conversation hit all big points of her campaign (including that now-infamous selfie with a certain Kardashian).

While there weren't any knockout performances (where's a saxophone when you need one?), Clinton at least showed that she could have a normal conversation about all the controversy and talk surrounding her White House run. The former secretary of state's new campaign strategy just might be working. Or at least, she showed that she knows how to throw the fun political zingers when she needs to.

On Doing Official Work

It's no secret that Hillary enjoys a drink here and there, and she took the time in her opening sketch to show just how she gets all her work done. As she reached for a glass of white wine (proving that yes, alcohol always makes work better), she told a faux-Donald-Trump, "Hold on, let let me grab my pen."

On Whether Her Hair Is Legit

Hair seems to be a big point of contention in this presidential election, and Clinton has definitely had her share of critics blasting her personal appearance. She took it in good fun, first asking Fallon if he'd ever touched Trump's hair, and then offered the host the chance to see if her own hair was real.

"You wanna touch mine?"

On A Possible President Trump

Much of Clinton's interview was dedicated to Trump, and she tried to imagine a scenario in which the business mogul was Leader of the Free World:

"Imagine all of a sudden, you're in the Kremlin, and someone comes rushing in and saying, 'Oh my gosh, did you hear what President Trump said today?'"

On Trump's The Art Of The Deal

Clinton gave Fallon parenting advice, encouraging him to read to his infant daughter Frances, even though she might not really understand what he's saying. Fallon joked he'd read Trump's heavily self-touted The Art Of The Deal, to which Clinton quipped,

"The illustrated version?"

On Defending Bernie Sanders

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Clinton avoided putting much light on her rival Bernie Sanders, but she did come to his defense when Fallon-as-Trump tried to make fun of the Vermont senator's hair during the opening sketch. In the contest of worst coiffure, it seems that Hillary thinks Trump's the loser.

"Well, at least he doesn’t have just one strand that he twirls over his head like a soft serve at Dairy Queen."

On That Kim K Selfie

Yes, it was the photo that broke the political Internet. Clinton posted a selfie with Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye while she was visiting California, and people pretty much lost their sh*t over it.

"She's a pro about this selfie deal."

On Where She'll Be In Five Years

So, where does a former FLOTUS and secretary of state see herself in five years?

"Well, OK. If you agree, sitting right here talking about running for reelection."

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