New Ariana Grande Music Is On Its Way

This will come as a surprise to absolutely no one who has been following Ariana Grande's career, and specifically her twitter recently, but we're in for some new music, everyone. During her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Grande announced her new single "Focus" would be dropping on October 30, 2015, following that up with a corresponding tweet that is all the clue we have regarding what the song is about. The pop star has been teasing this single for quite some time, between declaring that she had a "big announcement" coming up to making some incredibly cryptic tweets about being excited about the "near future," and now the cat is finally out of the metaphorical bag. But what kind of sound and subject can we expect from "Focus?" That's much harder to guess.

In the tweet that Grande sent out announcing the release date, the title of the song and the release date are written alongside a thoughtful cloud emoji. She has also tweeted in the past teasing the song with mysterious moon emojis. What does it all mean? Considering the song is called "Focus" and is accompanied by a thought cloud, I'm guessing that it's something along the lines of Grande's early single "Baby I," about a girl who is so into a guy that she is finding it hard to express that or think about anything else. Perhaps the moon emojis are indicative of the fact that she dreams about this boy at night, and that he's all that she can focus on.

Then again, perhaps the moon emoji is indicative of the time of day that the song will be released. Perhaps the song will come out at midnight on October 30, when the moon is high in the sky and the stars are the only ones to bear witness to the release. (LOL, just kidding, who isn't going to stay up to be the first to listen to the song?) It also seems to me like it might be too much of a coincidence that Grande has a new song coming out a month after Scream Queens — a triumphant return to TV for the former Nickelodeon star — premieres. Could "Focus" perhaps be featured in an episode of the show, and that's why Grande had to wait so long to tell us anything about it? Sure, October 30, 2015 is a Friday, not a Tuesday, but perhaps the song will get an extra publicity boost after release day on the episode of Scream Queens to come after it.

Until September turns to October, or Grande drops anymore hints, we've pretty much got nothing but unconfirmed speculation. All we can really say for sure is that Grande is a phenomenal singer who can make a catchy tune in her sleep, probably, and I can't wait to see where her career goes from here. Maybe she'll channel a little Britney Spears on this upcoming album as a wink-wink to her Arianators.