Meet 'DASH Doll' Jennifer Robi

The premiere is nearly here, and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians spin-off DASH Dolls is going to introduce fans to a whole new cast of glamorous, fun-loving ladies. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé are taking a back seat for this new E! series; they’re producing the show and will be dropping by to check in on their namesake boutique, but other than that, the employees of DASH Hollywood are in the spotlight for this project — including store manager Jennifer Robi.

The retail world already has its own set of challenges. (I still have painful flashbacks to my college mall job.) Robi and her fellow DASH Dolls have the additional responsibility of maintaining the Kardashian brand; the store carries the family’s name, but it’s the sales staff whose faces customers see every day. They’ve got to be flawless ambassadors for their famous bosses. It’s a duty that none of the girls take lightly.

I hope DASH Dolls will let fans in on the lives of its stars outside of the store. But, even if it doesn’t, their social media accounts can help fill those gaps. Jennifer Robi’s, for example, is all about her devotion to family, food, and Empire's Jamal Lyon. Here are eight things to know about this DASH Doll before the season starts.

1. She's A Cool Mom

Robi's son Elijah might be the cutest kid in human history, guys. I know you think I'm exaggerating, but you'll agree with me after spending 30 seconds scrolling through her Instagram.

2. And, She's Getting Hitched

The Doll is newly engaged to her longtime love Bo! She spent her birthday dress shopping, and I can only hope that DASH Dolls will feature more of the couple's wedding preparations.

3. She's All About Family

Robi is a proud, dedicated mama who spends most of her time outside of work bonding with her son and fiance. Elijah and Jennifer are always doing cool things together: think safari parks, Disneyland, and beach vacations. Squad goals, for sure.

4. She Knows Her Way Around A Birthday Party

She shared this magical dessert tablescape, which shows that the retail maven's impeccable style extends to include party planning.

5. Her House Is An Empire House

I've watched this clip of Elijah singing "You're So Beautiful" from the Fox drama Empire seven times, and I don't think I'm done yet.

6. She Has A Weakness For Target

The Dolls! They're just like us.

7. Her Dog's Name Is King Sushi

Sushi is a good name for a pet. King is too. But King Sushi is inspired.

8. She Takes Advantage Of That Los Angeles Food Scene

Robi is not a kale-only kind of beauty. Her Instagram is full of food porn, from hot guy-themed cookies to delectable-looking juices, and these mammoth hot dogs. Consider her posts a visual culinary guide to L.A.

She'll make her debut with the rest of the DASH Dolls on Sunday, right after Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so you can learn even more about her then!

Image: E!