12 Comforting Fall Soups To Ease You Into Autumn

Changing seasons means changing TV shows, changing weather, and of course, changing appetites. And there’s nothing quite like a decrease in temperatures to increase cravings for something warm and cozy — so it only makes sense that we drool over some fall soup recipes. We can always go for a hot bowl of comfort once the trees start changing colors, and sweaters start working their way back into our wardrobes.

It may seem easy enough to spring for a can or carton of soup at the grocery store, but making soup at home doesn’t have to be hard at all, whether you can’t get enough butternut squash recipes, or you consider yourself a pumpkin-flavored everything devotee. Even classic soups like minestrone are easy to conquer yourself, so instead of heading to the soup aisle, grab a big pot, and try whipping it up from scratch yourself.

After a long summer of barbecues and fruity cocktails, it’s nice to turn back to something a bit more homey. And there’s no food that tastes as much like a warm hug than a bowl of soup. Our moms were always right — a bowl of soup is good for the soul. And we simply can’t get enough of it.

1. Curried Pumpkin Soup

Usher in a season of vibrant veggies with A Beautiful Mess' aromatic pumpkin soup.

2. Sweet Potato Red Pepper And Coconut Milk Soup

Sweet potatoes and coconut milk make a winning combination in Averie Cooks' velvety soup.

3. Yellow Pepper Soup With Chervil Oil

Skip the stir-fry — A Cozy Kitchen has a much better use for your peppers with this satisfying soup.

4. Broccoli Cheddar Ale Soup

Broccoli and cheddar soup is a cold weather classic. Naturally Ella makes it even better with a bottle of ale.

5. Sausage And Kale Soup

Topped with plenty of parmesan, A Spicy Perspective's sausage and kale soup may be the pinnacle of comfort.

6. Roasted Carrot Soup With Citrus And Cumin

Vegetable soup should never be boring. A zesty combo of cumin and orange makes Five and Spice's a refined and delicious meal.

7. Miso Corn Soup

An unexpected miso base gives I Am A Food Blog's creamy corn soup a savory twist. Bonus: it's vegan!

8. Autumn Minestrone Soup

A hearty dose of veggies, herbs, and protein make Mel's Kitchen Cafe's minestrone perfectly fit for a cool autumn evening.

9. Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Soup

There's no denying that pumpkin is the flavor of the season, and Cookie and Kate does this squash justice with a coconut milk-based soup.

10. Spicy Acorn Squash Soup

Red chili peppers bring the heat to Naturally Ella's acorn squash soup. Sprinkle on some red pepper flakes to make it even more spicy — if you dare.

11. Red Curry Coconut Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash soup is a classic fall comfort, but Love and Lemons mixes it up with a bit of curry paste and coconut milk.

12. Spinach Potato Soup

You only need five ingredients to make I Am A Food Blog's creamy, cold weather-ready soup. Top it with grilled cheese croutons to make it extra irresistible.

Images: Five and Spice (2); A Beautiful Mess; Averie Cooks; A Cozy Kitchen; Naturally Ella (2); A Spicy Perspective; I Am A Food Blog (2); Mel's Kitchen Cafe; Cookie and Kate; Love and Lemons