Kate Middleton Changed Up Her Hair

In royal news, Kate Middleton now has bangs. Just in time for autumn (and marking her return from maternity leave out of the spotlight), on Thursday, the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out to attend a charity function in London sporting a side-swept, voluminous fringe. Let's just say that it looks absolutely bangin' — sorry, I had to!

Making one of her first appearances since giving birth to Princess Charlotte four months ago, Middleton's new 'do was the perfect way to celebrate the coming of fall and her return to the public eye. She stopped by the Anna Freud Centre, a mental health charity for kids and young adults — which was a fitting for mother of two. I couldn't think of a better way for her to debut her new look!

Middleton's hair was blow-dried and coiffed to perfection, as it always is. But the bangs added extra personality and an alluring characteristic to her otherwise-classic hairstyle. Since the bangs are long, side-swept, and rather thin (as opposed to thick and curtain-like), they flatter her oval face and her strong cheekbones. They're perfect for welcoming the upcoming autumn and winter seasons with open arms. No one likes sweaty bangs plastered to their face in the middle of summer, and I'm sure the Duchess of Cambridge would agree with me on that.

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While being a mother isn't easy, Middleton is certainly good at making it look like a breeze. Her new 'do and the Ralph Lauren dress she wore are both beyond gorgeous. But that's not news, because Middleton always maintains a very high level of gorgeousness.

That being said, she's not much for changing up her beauty routine, which is why these bangs are so different and exciting. While it's true that Middleton always looks amazing, she's not someone who often makes headlines because of her new green hair or for wearing blue eye shadow. For the most part, she sticks to a very natural, pretty routine.

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But could this fringe be an indication that she's trying to be more adventurous with her look? Or do you think she's just looking for a change after having a baby? Either way, these bangs look great on the Duchess, and I hope they don't disappear anytime soon. While I love her classic look, it's nice to see her try something new.

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So in honor of her new bangin' bangs (last time, I promise), let's look back on some of Middleton's best hair moments. She's got the mane of a Duchess, and it's worth showing it some love!

1. Pony Tail

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Imagine this sleek pony tail look with her new fringe. Now that's a chic beauty look worth trying.

2. Straight

Julian Finney/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Like I said, Middleton's not one for adventurous hair. But this look is so pretty. How can you not call it a classic?

3. Bun

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This bun is coiffed and chic, and obviously a perfect way to do your hair for stepping out with your new baby Princess for the first time.

4. Pushed Back

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With sunglasses, Middleton's classic blow-dried hair looks effortless and easy. And can we talk about how cute Prince George is even when he's sulking?

5. Curly

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Those added curls at the bottom of her hair are so angelic and pretty.

6. Layered

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And they look extra good with some layers in her hair.

7. Up

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This artful updo is a personal favorite. Seriously, could she be any more gorgeous?