These Are The 8 Best Sex Positions For Fall

The best thing about fall has absolutely nothing to do with pumpkins: it's getting back to sex that doesn't leave you covered in sweat and sand. Where as summer sex means basically a two-person slip and slide ending with disgusting sheets and feeling too sticky to cuddle, fall means you want to cuddle up under a blanket and DO IT. Well, after the lattes and the jack-o-lanterns and what have you. But when you do it's the best sex of your life. It's a time when you can actually get close without feeling disgusting, and post-sex spooning is at it's peak in the fall weather.

So before you waste all your money on electricity bills, I have the best sex positions for fall. They're the most intimate, cuddly positions you can do, with nothing crazy and fancy and balance-y, because that's just not the fall vibe, is it? I basically wanted to find the best sex positions to do in your onesie. And yes, I know onesies don't have the correct holes, but I'm just a 28-year-old woman with a pair of scissors and a dream... don't take that away from me. I have nothing else.

Here are the eight best sex positions for fall, where sex and cuddling collide:

1. Sitting

How To Do It: Carefully. Have him sit in the chair before you lower yourself onto his penis— help guide! Depending on your heights you'll probably end up with your feet hovering a bit.

Why It's Good For The Fall: You can cuddle up and watch TV AND have sex in the living room while your roommate is out of town. AT THE SAME TIME.

2. Woman On Top (Modified)

How To Do It: Start with him leaning against a wall or headboard, you get on top and then have him bend his knees or not, depending on what's comfortable.

Why It's Good For Fall: It's basically a hug in a sex position. And let's face it, I love girl on top but sometimes you get tired. This has a bit more stability.

3. Spooning

How To Do It: This is another one that takes some guiding. So while you're both lying facing the same direction don't be shy about using your hand to guide his penis into you.

Why It's Good For Fall: Ummm... it's spooning. It's spooning and sexing at the same time. It is maybe the cuddliest of all of the positions.

4. Sitting On The Bed

How To Do it: One of you sits on the edge of the bed/table/chair/anything while the other kneels on the floor.

Why It's Good For Fall: Great for lesbians or anyone, the comfort level of the position lends itself to a long session. It's very close and intimate, so good for a warmup.

5. Sideways Straddle

How To Do It It's a little complicated. As you can see, you're basically straddling one of his legs so best to start with him lying on his back, and then placing one foot flat on the bed, and you can climb on.

Why It's Good For Fall: It's a great position to grind slowly and relax in. It's not really an energetic pose, so perfect for after a long days apple picking.

6. Sitting

How To Do It: Have him sit cross-legged and then you sit on top using your hand to guide him in.

Why It's Good For Fall: Another one that's all about cuddling and grinding. This has the benefit of really deep penetration with no thudding around.

7. Side By Side

How To Do It: Lying facing each other, it's easier if you start with his pelvis a little lower than yours, then lift up your leg as high as is necessary/feels comfortable and guide him in.

Why It's Good For Fall: It's basically the same position that you probably cuddle or sleep in, but feels gross and sweaty in the summer. It's now fall, so it's the time for it to shine.

8. Coital Alignement Technique

How To Do it: It's like missionary, except with your legs hiked up to allow him to be a higher than normal, with more grinding and less thrusting.

Why It's Good For Fall: It's great anytime, because it's a really stimulating position that's good for female orgasm. But it's intimacy and closeness lends itself to the autumnal.

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