7 Sex Positions You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Try

Everyone has a favorite position and every couple has their go-to menu of their best sex positions and ways to play that they tend to pick from over and over again. But there are so many amazing ways to explore and experiment if you're willing to break out of your routine. It can be a little nerve-wracking when you attempt to try out a new position — I get it. Some positions seem confusing, uncomfortable, or impossible. You may worry about feeling really exposed in some or you may worry about your partner doing all the work. And quite frankly some of them are downright unstable (ahem every time I've tried to have sex in the shower).

But you have to break out of your comfort zone. It's not to say that you should keep up on sex positions you're not enjoying, I'm just saying without a bit of exploration you can't be sure which positions work for you. You could be missing out on one of your favorites! A little communication with your partner should be enough to soothe your nerves (and avoid injury) so you can try out some of these and see what you're missing.

Here are seven positions you shouldn't miss, because the opportunities for G spot and clit stimulation are endless:

1. The Cross

OK, this definitely falls into the "difficult to get into category". But once you get into it's very relaxing and totally worth a try.

How To Do It: Have him lie down first on his side, then you can lie down on your back and move down into position, perpendicular to him. Move closer until he's inside you, then one of you can guide the motion back and forth.

Why To Try It: It's probably a completely new angle for you, which means a new and completely hot view. While there's not a lot of motion there's an opportunity for deep penetration, plus free hands to play with.

When To To Try It: When you want something intimate without a lot of energy or when you want to try something totally new.

2. Spooning

Everyone's favorite cuddling position taken up a notch. It's like having ice cream and pizza at the same time except even better.

How To Do It: Get into cuddling position and life your leg to help him enter you. It may take an attempt or two (and maybe some lube), so don't get discouraged. Just go slowly. It's also a great position for lesbian sex with either finger play or a vibrator.

Why To Try It: Spooning is the best so spooning sex is the double best. Your pushed together, so it's really close, and amazing for sexy dirty talk if that's your thing.

When To To Try It: When you need a break from proper thrusting and deep penetration, as it's a more gentle, shallow connection (although I find it's especially great if the guy your with has a longer penis!).

3. Reverse Cowgirl

This is an awesome, sexy, animalistic position that you should definitely try. But it's also responsible for a large percentage of penis breaks so please proceed carefully!

How To Do It: Same idea as regular girl on top. You straddle him with one leg on each side, but in this case you face his feet. You can lean a bit forward using his legs for balance, or lean back and use his torso, basically anything you want. But pay attention

Why To Try It: You are in total control, so it's great to help you reach orgasm. You also can give him an awesome view and if you're into anal play it's a perfect opportunity.

When To To Try It: When you know what you want and just want to go for it, or you're just in the mood for something less romantic and more visceral.

4. The Bridge

Not as tricky to get into as some of the others, but it can be a daunting one to try because you're worried if you can maintain it. Give it a try and even if it's tricky at first you'll be able to hold it just as long last time.

How To Do It: When in missionary have him sit upright and then lean back. Use your feet flat on the bed and arch into a bridge pose, letting him help guide you to a comfortable hight for both of you.

Why To Try It: This position has the benefit of being great for G spot and clit stimulation. The angle of his penis hits the G spot, and either of you can use your hands for a bit of clit play.

When To To Try It: When you're going for a G-spot or blended orgasm. Bonus points if you're looking for a glute workout.

5. Standing Doggy

The go-to sex position for shower sex, which I am always woefully uncoordinated at, but done right it's really sexy so you should try it.

How To Do It: He stands behind you with your legs slightly spread. I would highly recommending using a wall or sofa or anything for a bit of balance, you can also lift a leg if it's difficult for him to penetrate you.

Why To Try It: Another one that feels a bit naughty and exciting, it's great for sex when there's no bed available. Also it's good for when you want more clit play then penetration, because you have free hands the angle means he can't penetrate too deeply.

When To To Try It: When you want to do it everywhere else in the house that isn't the bedroom. Or outside the house. Basically when you really want to do it.

6. The Sofa Brace

Continuing the sex around the house theme, this is an awesome position for living room sex that feels a bit dangerous.

How To Do It: With you on the sofa draped over one edge, use the arm of the sofa to support yourself while he enters you like more traditional body style.

Why To Try It: All the stuff you love about doggy but on the move. Have you ever tried to have sex with both of you lying down on the couch? Unless it's roomy you're not going to fit. Plus doing it with part of you hanging off is just precarious enough to be extra sexy.

When To To Try It: When your flatmate's on holiday and you have the place all to yourself and you feel like being more adventurous than romantic.

7. Sitting

Perfect for straight and lesbian couples, this position can feel a little exposing and vulnerable for some, but if your partner makes you feel comfortable it's great for all sort of stimulation.

How To Do It: Sit on the edge of a bed/chair/sofa/anything, with your legs spread while your partner kneels with their head in-between your thighs.

Why To Try It: There's no rush because you're both in comfortable positions, and it's great way for it to be all about you. Fingering, licking, boob play— basically your partner can do a million things to you while you relax.

When To To Try It: When you have a lot of time to play around (think lazy Sunday) and your partner wants to be focused on your pleasure and still very intimate.

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