The 'DASH Dolls' Are All Future Reality Stars

If you've been missing the Kardashians lately, fear not! In addition to the second half of Season 10 returning this Sunday, it will be followed every week by a brand new spinoff. The DASH Dolls cast is filled with young aspiring reality TV stars, and there's no family better to learn from than their bosses: The Kardashian sisters. But, these ladies aren't just going to be attempting to impress the E! audience, but also their employers, because Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe will also be featured occasionally on DASH Dolls, albeit in a somewhat distant mentor/boss role.

Instead, the day-to-day managers will be familiar faces Malika and Khadijah Haqq. The twins have been featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians for years, since they're close friends with Khloe. Turns out both Malika and Khadijah are looking to get back into acting, according to the bio of all eleven cast members posted by E! to help you get acquainted with the Dolls. But, that only tells part of the story, because the DASH Dolls, like the Kardashians, show their most interesting selves through Instagram. Here's what you need to know about this unique cast of up-and-coming stars.

Malika Haqq & Khadijah Haqq-McCray (Co-Managers)

Malika is used to the presence of reality TV cameras following her around, so she'll surely be a valuable guide to the rest of the girls. And, Malika and her twin sister may look alike and have similar jobs, but they are at very different places in their personal lives. Khadijah is married, with three kids, while Malika is still single.

Jennifer Robi (Store Manager)

E! says that her management style is "hands off," but what it really implies is that Jennifer is more interested in wedding planning than in DASH managing. If true, that doesn't bode well, and if anyone receives a stern talking-to from Kourtney or Khloe, it could be her. But, it's understandable, since as a mom and soon-to-be wife, she's not going to be up for the same partying as the rest of the Dolls.

Durrani Popal (Merchandising Manager)

Durrani's combination of super-long lashes and dark hair are incredibly chic. And, the angle of her selfies make her look just like Kylie Jenner. It's no wonder E! says she considers herself the ultimate DASH Doll. Merchandising managers are responsible for choosing what will stocked in the store, and Durrani knows the store and the customer so well, so she's perfect for the job.

Nazy Farnoosh (Assistant Manager)

The red lip and blonde-ish tips are just like Khloe's style, but Nazy's skeptical facial expression is exactly like Kourtney's. Hopefully that means her management style combines both Khloe's fun and Kourt's seriousness to be the perfect super-manager. She's close with Durrani, too, so these two are going to have their run of the place.

Lexi Ramierz (Sales Coordinator)

In addition to working at DASH, Lexie is a jewelry designer, so I'm sure she's excited to share her work for Koko+Amor Jewelry — which has already been featured on KUWTK . This is her opportunity to make her work and her name a little more famous.

Missy Flores (Marketer)

At least according to her Instagram, Missy is a great marketer, because she makes her life look fantastic. I like her because she's basically the only DASH Doll who makes time for delicious-looking foodgrams, and her sneaker collection is always matched perfectly to her outfit of the day.

Melody Rae Kandil (Sales Associate)

Melody's E! bio describes her as the "mother hen" of the group, and that's probably because, as an aspiring model, she's had to manage her own career as well as balance her job at DASH. And, while she has tons of gorgeous modeling pics up on her Instagram, what I like about Mel is her sporty side, which will hopefully provide some contrast to the rest of the always-glam staff.

Stephanie De Souza (Sales Associate)

Oh snap. She might be the youngest of the group, but she's clearly inspired: If this girl showed up at the Kardashian family reunion, no one would blink an eye. Her IG is just a nonstop parade of shots of her looking perfect, gazing into the camera... this girl seems genetically programmed to infiltrate the Kardashian family and become their leader.

Caroline Burt (Sales Associate)

Caroline is not just a Doll — she's a DJ, providing music for the store and picking up gigs around LA. But, that's not all: Caroline is also the master of the smize, and looks like a perfect mix between Kim K.'s current dark eye/light lip steeze and Kate from Below Deck.

Taylor Cuqua (Sales Associate)

Contour skills and a love of beachy waves? Yep, that makes another associate who is a perfect match for DASH. Taylor's IG profile says "positive vibes only," and she seems to stay true to that. She loves beauty product recommendations, LA landmarks, and her incredibly photogenic dog.

So there you have it: This is the staff of the brand new DASH Dolls: Young, skilled with a makeup brush, and ready to sell the hell out of Kim, Kourtney, & Khloe's boutique. If I were the Kardashian sisters, I'd be excited to have built such a young and hungry staff, but also a little nervous — because there's a chance that they could eventually be more famous than their bosses.