How To Fix These 6 Common Instagram Mistakes

We are all fabulous, unique individuals with so much to bring to this world. Instagram has become a pivotal tool that many of us use to share our lives, our thoughts, and our style — it only makes sense that we'd be concerned about common Instagram mistakes we could be making, in a sea of so many gems of Instas to choose from.

The app has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, beating out Twitter in user numbers and Facebook as the new preferred platform among teens. Of course, not all Instagrams are created equal. While some users post a picture of their morning coffee and are met with "oohs," "ahhs," and 537 likes, it can feel like we do the same thing and get a few pity likes and a snarky comment from our brother (no one was asking you, Kyle). What sets these ethereal beings apart? I'm not even talking about Kardashian-status, here. Just awesome, everyday people somehow reaching an enormous audience.

The thing is, they're probably using a few tricks you aren't. Instagram is full of little hacks you can use to perfect your social media presence and leave your brother Kyle eating his words about your "lame" cup of coffee. Here are six of the most common Instagram mistakes we are all guilty of, and how to fix them.

1. Not Using Hashtags

I get it, hashtags can be annoying and obnoxious. BUT using them properly can give your photos a real boost and create an audience of people interested in the things you care about. Check out this list to find a hashtag for every day of the week.

Another tip for using hashtags while maintaining your effortless essence is to add them in the comments. Your picture and caption will still be aesthetically pleasing to the fullest, but with the added bonus of appearing in hashtag search results.

2. Not Using Geotags

A geotag is the location of your photo that appears just above the pic. You need to give Instagram permission to display the location every time you post, and we highly suggest you take advantage of this feature!

Of course, you probably don't want to share your home address or office location with the entire world, but if you're out and about at bars, restaurants, parks, or on vacation, go for it! Places like bars and restaurants especially often check for pictures taken at their locations and will promote them. It's free publicity both ways!

3. Typos In Captions And Comments

We've all posted a picture only to realize that our carefully-crafted caption is awry with autocorrect mistakes. The same goes for comments on other peoples' photos. It's really enough to give someone an existential crisis.

Fortunately, there are a few quick fixes for the above scenarios: Instagram added a feature where your captions are now fully editable, no reposting necessary. Find out how to do it here. As for comments, you can't edit them in the same way, but you can delete, spell check, and repost. Find out how to do that here. (I bet this guy wishes he read this post.)

4. Untamed "Tagged Pictures" Section

Did you know you can un-tag yourself from pictures, or choose to keep them hidden from your profile? Whether you're forgetting an ex or your eyebrows were out of control when your friend insisted on that group selfie, check out this step-by-step for maximum confidentiality and control over your public persona.

5. Posting Too Close Together

Instagram is all about curation: getting one awesome picture to tell a whole story. That's why, when someone posts 10 pictures in a row, it's annoying with a capital A. Even if you did go on a majestic, life-changing hike, I don't want a picture of the squirrel, leaf, flower, and weird beetle you saw all within five minutes of each other.

Of course you can post more than once per day, but timing is key! A good limit is 2-3 posts per day. If you find yourself posting excessively, considering trying an app like HootSuite, which allows you to schedule your Instagram posts in advance for maximum reach.

6. Posting Too Much Of The Same Thing

There's certainly nothing wrong with your Instagram having a focus. I don't even want to admit to how many Instas I follow that are solely dedicated to food or dogs. But no one wants to follow an account that is 100 percent selfies, dramatic song lyrics, or juice cleanses. Widen your focus and find new ways to capture the things that are important to you.

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