Here's What Lionsgate's Twitter Book-Turned-TV Show Might Look Like


Remember when The Social Network came out and everyone was like "Guys it's the origin story of Facebook! Imagine all the dirty little secrets and searching character studies we get to witness!" and then the movie came out and it won a bunch of Oscars? Well get ready for a vaguely less enthusiastic re-run of that (awards TBD), because Twitter's getting turned into a TV show.

Or, at least, the origin story of Twitter is. Lionsgate's acquired the rights to Hatching Twitter: A True Story Of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal, written by New York Times columnist Nick Bilton. They reportedly plan to turn the story into a TV show.

So what could that show possibly look like? Let's look at the Amazon description of the book to find out:

There's literally a zero percent chance (partially because I'm writing this article right now and already taking that off the table) that this project won't be compared for months to come to The Social Network. But hey, at least it'll be interesting to see how they create an ongoing story — as television requires — out of a biography of such recent events.