When Will Kanye's New Song Be On iTunes?

by Kadeen Griffiths

This past week has been a great week for music, especially for fans of Kanye West. Although most of us are too poor or too far away to have gone to Kanye's New York fashion show, Yeezy Season 2, that hasn't stopped all of us from benefitting from it. During the fashion show, Kanye released "Fade (I Feel It)," a brand new song from SWISH that played in the background as his models marched down the catwalk in his designs. It was the same kind of dynamic premiere that he gave his 2014 single with Sia "Wolves," and that's a comparison that should make 'Ye fans very, very nervous. If you're wondering when "Fade (I Feel It)" will be on iTunes, then you won't want to hear this horrifying fact: "Wolves" still isn't on iTunes, and that song was the background music to Yeezy Season 1.

Take deep breaths, guys. So far, Kanye has released three singles to tide us over while we wait for SWISH, "Only One" (unconfirmed to be for SWISH), "FourFiveSeconds," (for Rihanna's next album as well) and "All Day." "Wolves" and "Fade (I Feel It)" are both going to appear on the album as well, but they have not received official release as singles yet. "Wolves" is confirmed to be a single from SWISH, but that's still not official-official, hence why it's not on iTunes. And "Fade (I Feel It)?" Unless that becomes confirmed as the third single off the album, we might end up having to wait until the album comes out to get our hands on it. There's no way we're getting to download "Fade (I Feel It)" before we get to download "Wolves." As if we weren't all already impatiently waiting for SWISH!

Waiting over seven months for an official release of "Wolves" makes the potentially long wait for an official release of "Fade (I Feel It)" seem like a terrifying prospect, especially with the song being largely pulled from YouTube as if Kanye doesn't actually want us to hear it if we don't look at his clothes first. Since you can still listen to "Wolves" without issue on YouTube, does the quick pulling of "Fade (I Feel It)" mean that Kanye intends to release the song a lot sooner than we might think? Why else would he pull it unless he wanted to make sure we paid for it right away — by making it available to be paid for and downloaded? Am I inventing silver linings where they are none? I don't presume to understand the mind of Kanye West.

All I can really say at this point is that Kanye needs to just release SWISH already, because I really can't handle all this stress. I came onto the Internet to have a good time, and, honestly, I'm feeling so attacked right now. Beyoncé would never do me like that, and I could be listening to her new song instead. (Just kidding, I have two ears perfectly willing to listen to both back-to-back on a loop. But it's the principal of the thing.) In the meantime, I guess I'll keep checking my iTunes every day in the hopes that we'll get lucky and "Fade (I Feel It)" will be released before "Wolves" after all.

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