Rihanna's New Stance Socks Are Edgy

Sandal and open-toe shoe season may be over, but I still get biweekly pedicures to keep my toes all cute and maintained. There are plenty of dark polishes to be worn, too. But you know what's better than a fall pedi? Rihanna's latest Stance Socks, which are toe socks with a message.

They will not only keep your tootsies warm in winter. They also mimic a pedi, thanks to the "polish" on the big toe. But even better, they boast naughty messages in the Old English font, looking like top-of-the-toe tattoos. Statement-making socks? Love, love, and love.

The Rihanna x Stance Fall Collection socks are badass but they are also cute. I would totally schedule a sleepover with my besties and wear any or all of these with a baggy black t-shirt or boy shorts and a tank.

Forget pajamas as fashion, a look RiRi has rocked many times in the past. These socks are a way to make loungewear super fun!

IMO, these socks aren't really about keeping your toes warm. Unless, of course, you want to wear them on Christmas morning to keep your feet from getting cold and to totally mess with your family.

Leave it to the "BBHMM" singer to take socks and turn them into a super fun accessory with the details. It's always about the details.

Look, it's a pink pedi.

So naughty.

Clearly, these are Rihanna's faves from her fall collection. I love the inherent sass.

Here are seven sleepwear options that you can wear these socks with.

1. Grunge Gear

A good flannel PJ dress needs a cool pair of unique socks! ($18,

2. An Equally Message-Driven Sleep Shirt

Why not let all of your sleepwear have a message? This long, loose sleep shirt also makes a statement. ($10,

3. Boy Shorts + A Tank

The co-ed, athleisure look comes to life with these boy shorts when paired with a similar bra and Rihanna's Stance socks. ($6 for the bottoms,

4. Slippin'

This sexy slip sleeper would take on a tougher edge when combined a pair of Rihanna's naughty toe socks. ($50,

5. Matchy Matchy

This loose-fitting, button down sleep shirt would be a matchy matchy option. ($50,

6. Set It Off

This cami and boy short set totally needs a pair of socks to give it another fun boost. ($35,

7. Get In The Ring

A striped satin boxer set is such chic sleepwear on its own. But the Stance socks would take 'em up a notch, for sure. ($60,

There are plenty of ways to wear Rihanna's Stance socks with loungewear or sleepwear. You could even rock them with super short jeans shorts when out and about. They are not relegated to sleepwear, but there sure are a lot of options in that particular clothing category. Plus, when rock the socks with sleep outfits, you don't cover up the naughty messages and that's sorta the whole point.

Images: Rihanna/Instagram (3); Forever 21 (3); Victoria's Secret (4)