'DASH Dolls' Will Get You Hooked In No Time

The greatest social experiment of our time is about to begin, and it is all unfolding on E! For the first time ever one of the many Keeping Up With The Kardashian spinoffs is taking place, without a Kardashian (or Jenner) leading the charge. I know. It sounds improbable. It sounds like madness. It also sounds like... some pretty good reality TV, actually. Instead of being the stars of DASH Dolls, the Kardashian women will be the often unseen bosses that demand excellent of their employees. It's the boutique workers who will be taking center stage in the new reality series Dash Dolls, which is made up of of eight one-hour episodes.

The series will follow the ladies of the L.A. store as they try and juggle their careers and pretty active social lives since they have been anointed "representatives of the Kardashian brand." That's a lot of drama to cover in just eight episodes, but I'm sure it's going to be immediately addicting, and I think this will be a nice break up from the various assorted Kardashian destination shows we are used to. However, different or not, the Dolls still have pretty big stilettos to fill, and my hopes are high. Here are the six things I want to see on DASH Dolls this season.

1. Strong Friendship

One of the things that makes the various Kardashian shows work is at the end of the day, they are family and love each other. I'm sure there will be many fights along the way, but I'd like to see some real friendships here, and women building each other up.

2. Malika Becoming A Star

Is it too early to have a favorite? She has been featured in Kardashian episodes for years as Khloe's bestie, and it is time for her to step into her own.

3. Love Drama

If the woman can be supportive, the men can be the cause of the trouble. Let's face it, these shows are basically soap operas, and what's a soap without some good old fashioned romantic intrigue?

4. Business Sense

No one knows how to run an empire like the Kardashians, so I have no doubt that they will keep a tight grip on their L.A. store. Let's see how they run it, and how they train their employees to join them in taking over the world.

5. Over The Top Parties

L.A., Las Vegas, San Diego, they are lots of crazy social scenes nearby, and it sounds like they will have plenty of invites. Bring on the fire dancers and all night parties.

6. A Kardashian Or 2

Of course, it wouldn't quite be a show without them. Hopefully Kim, Khole or Kourtney are able to pop into the store, at least a few times throughout the show. I can't wait!

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